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Breath-taking story

kaprCZ | July 14, 2014 | Review of To The Moon Steam - PC

I must admit that at the beginning, it looked a bit boring but then I focused more to story. The story is very interesting and touching. It's about old dying man and his memories. His relatives wants he could die in peace so they'll call two scientists who can change his memories to make him feel better and fulfil his big dream. You play as the two scientists and looking for pieces of his memories. During the game, the story is more and more interesting and sometimes also very sad. I would never say that RPG game like this (game where you see the world from above) can have such a strong story. Maybe it's not about playing as I thought before I played it, it's just like reading a book with moving pictures where you can control characters. I can highly recommend for all people who like breath-taking stories and who don't mind if the game is not only about playing.