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Great sequel!

karel76 | April 29, 2013 | Review of Overlord II - PC

Gnarl and the Overlord are back. Well, not quite back, but you'll get to figure that all out. Gameplay is very similar with some welcome tweaks: 1. Your minions can now be upgraded at their hive which makes them tougher overall. 2. Minions gain levels as the get more experience. 3. Dead minions can be resurrected at the cost of 'newbie' minions, but this gets expensive if you're trying to revive a high-level one. 4. Many more options for new weapons and armor, though the purely 'custom' option is gone. (This seemed to mostly confuse people in the first game, so not an issue for most people.) 6. Still have an "evil" vs. "really evil" though one is considerably better long term than the other. (You can figure it out. People killed in this game stay dead.) 7. Plenty of mini-games, most of which are quite fun. 8. Brown/Red/Green minions gain mounts. I didn't find the mounts that useful, but they variety. Story, graphics and score are all as good as the original, although there are less interactions/comments from the mistresses than in the previous game. Which is to say the writers have a wicked sense of humor and hopefully they keep it up! Lots of fun. Highly recommended. Some of the best fun I've had out of a game since Overlord 1.


Great game!

karel76 | April 29, 2013 | Review of Overlord - PC

While the commercials make Overlord seem like a Dungeon Keeper game - a series I *adored* - in actual gameplay, there are many similarities to Pikmin. You are playing a dark lord who looks very suspiciously like Sauron from Lord of the Rings.. Your adviser and minions are straight from Gremlins.. When you head out on your first world to conquer, you run into hobbits, who live in little holes with round doors, in a village named ... "Spree". Yes, the game goes out of its way to be cute and poke fun at all fantasy stories. Just like in Dungeon Keeper, you are in control of a swarm of mindless but generally loyal little monsters. You start with just the basic grunts, but as you progress you can unlock a healthy variety of creature types. Most of your tasks are typical - get 10 minions to push aside a blockade, send your minions in to raze a village, and so on. While you are praised for being "evil", you're also warned to allow at least some innocents to survive so they provide workers for your empire. Meanwhile, back at the Evil Castle, your progress means that they fix up the place so it is worthy of being your home. I do have to admit the little minions are quite cute. If you raid a pumpkin patch, a few of them will grab pumpkins and stick them on their heads. As they find weapons and armor, they'll equip them, so each minion becomes unique. If you need health, you have to sacrifice a few minions at an altar - and sometimes it's hard to do it, because you've become fond of the little critters. Still, that's the price of being evil. You can generate more, but they start out in their raw state. The dialogue is appropriately dark and evil. Some of your quests also seem not to make any sense. You have to *save* people from slavery?? You have to get food for people? These don't sound like very evil acts to me. Then, when you run rampant in their town, they whine about the mess. They should be quaking in fear! I found the Pikmin micromanaging a little annoying - an evil overlord shouldn't have to be telling his minions to clear the way to the next point of attack. I also found the camera to be quite more annoying at times. Still, since there's no new Dungeon Keeper game on the horizon, this fills the spot admirably and does have a lot of fun in it. Well recommended, and for people who enjoy this type of gameplay who haven't played the Dungeon Keeper games yet - go buy them! See where this genre came from. :-)


Great Zombie Game

karel76 | April 29, 2013 | Review of Dead Rising 2 - PC

Who doesn't love Zombie games. Left4Dead, Resident Evil Dead Island and now Dead Rising. Dead Rising 2 the sequel that tops the original in every way. You play as Chuck Greene, a moto-cross champion and father who competes in a reality show called Terror is Reality. He is forced to compete through American Gladiator-type games that slaughter zombies for fun in front of an audience. Chuck's daughter has been bitten and requires a drug called Zombrex which prevents her from changing every 24 hours. You run around saving and joining up with survivors, exploring missions via radio and human contact. The single player is still basically the same from the original. Kill zombies, get weapons, save people, do side-missions. There is enough there to keep the player focused and interested. Multiplayer is a bunch of different games in the "Terror is Reality" show such as Hamsterball (Player in a ball, rolling around splattering zombies and hitting bumpers). Some are more fun than others but all are entertaining. My only grip would be that its so hard to find a multiplayer match with 4 people Yet - This game is a blast! I highly recommend buying it if you liked the 1st Dead Rising or love Zombies/Zombie-slaughtering. PROS: *Thousands of zombies on screen at once with no issues *Tons of weapons as well as combo cards which allow you to fuse two weapons together to create an extra strong weapon. *Lots of areas and survivors to explore and encounter *Humor is always there *Chuck is actually pretty cool CONS *Time constraints eliminate time for exploration and more fun =( but it is manageable. *3 save slots- may not seem like a big deal but it sort of is... *You have to read, rather than listen to what the characters you encounter are telling you sometimes. *Some sections may feel mildy repetitive but its up to you to alter that. *No news shocker here...Dying sucks.


Good game when bought around $10 or less

karel76 | April 22, 2013 | Review of Sniper Ghost Warrior - PC

This game is pretty fun, you have to enjoy games that require a little bit of patience, where you sneak around, use cover, and take your time with shots, but if you want a game that uses tactics on pretty much every mission, give this game a go. One thing to remember is this game was released for 30 or 40 dollars originally and has already dropped to 10 on digital download, for that price you can't expect Battlefield or COD but the game is pretty good overall.. Positive - Scenery is nice - Fun to sneak around and use tactics, rather uncommon in modern shooters it seems - Nice shooting ballistics especially on highest difficulty - Price is right! Negatives - AI seems quite lacking - Some silly bugs, not a big deal, you run straight through rocks occasionally and issues like that All in All I would give this game a shot if you are looking for a decent single player campaign with a typical story and decent game play. Don't expect anything revolutionary or you will be very disappointed, I would give this 70 points from 100, considering price and overall gameplay, graphics, and weapon ballistics. With better AI it would give it 75 to 80..