Reviews by karpik777


Major disappointment to the fans

karpik777 | May 21, 2012 | Review of Disciples III Renaissance - PC

The first two Disciples games (and the expansion packs) were great titles which could rival the Heroes of Might and Magic series (and in some ways they were superior) - which are the most known representatives of the genre. Unfortunately, this isn't true in this case - the game doesn't stand up to the newer HoMM titles, and the introduced changes may actually drive away fans of the series (which I am, so forgive me for writing this from such perspective). Why? For starters, whole two races were removed (Undead Hordes and the Mountain Clans aka Dwarves). That wouldn't be so bad IF there was anything to take their place - which isn't the case. Another issue is the new combat system - while the decision to allow us to move the units on the battlefield was a good choice, the massive hp bloat means that the entire thing takes far too much time, with units standing in place and hacking at each other). All in all, the entire thing turned out for the worse - basically the whole thing boils down to "take the possible power ups (also a new feature - places on the battlefield which grants specific bonuses to the unit occupying it) and hack away". Changes also happened on the "adventure" map - the developers introduced places which grant small bonuses to our hero (like the ones known from HoMM) and changed the way we take control over areas of the map (which we must do to get profits from the nearby structures) - instead of planting magical rods which "spread" control, we have to take over specific points - which are usually guarded (and the magical guardians grow in power over time). The graphics aren't bad, but the art style is very different from what we have seen before, and the new concept may not appeal to everyone, while the music isn't anything to write about. All in all, this game definitely isn't nowhere near as good as the previous titles, but if someone wants to try such a game (and one that isn't a HoMM title) it can be worth it - if you can live with this being an average title.


So much potential...

karpik777 | Feb. 19, 2012 | Review of Assassins Creed - PC

To be frank and honest, if you do not really care about the plot do not buy this game even if you plan to play the next ones. I can recommend the sequels as they have been vastly improved from the original. The main thing to remember is that Assassin's Creed 1 was a testing ground for the team - they needed to learn how to develop such games and see what works and what doesn't. So while the "main part" of the gameplay, which involves running and jumping from building to building, proves great fun, the missions you receive become boring and tedious very quickly. They are all based on one model and the same can be said about combat. Although the plot is good, it has some minor issues. For example, our protagonist stays mostly the same in mood and demeanour despite all he's going through as the game progresses.