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Influential game, although mechanically simple

kavukavu | Nov. 7, 2013 | Review of Spec Ops The Line Overflow - PC

Spec-Ops the line is an odd beast to judge, on one hand it has all the trademarks of a modern-war shooter, and mechanically it tries absolutely nothing different. If you were to judge this game purely on that, then you'd simply say its bland and boring, its got regenerating health, chest high walls as cover, and you usual assortments of expected weapons. If you do that however, you're missing the point. Spec-Ops is rightfully to be mostly judged on its story and presentation. It handles some very heavy subject matter with an almost obsessive attention to detail.It would be a disservice to spoil the places where this game goes, so I won't. Rest assured that as heavy as the story is, it doesn't serve itself presumptuous too often, although it always keeps the tone heavy. There is a multiplayer, but honestly its a bit rubbish and boring and no-one is really playing it anymore, so there's no value there. Final verdict? I think its worth it, it has a very important message and it handles the subject with just enough reverence to be taken serious.For that alone, this is worth looking at, though I would only really get it on the cheap because you play it once, and you're done.