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Fantastic Team Based Shooter

kdstudios | May 4, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 3 - PC

I've always been a fan of previous Battlefield titles, from WW2 to Bad Company 1 and 2 games. I was curious about this one and couldn't wait to try it. I wasn't disappointed. The single player campaign wasn't fantastic, but it was enjoyable. Instead of the usual outrageous and pointless fighting, there was a sense of realism and authenticity behind it. I actually felt like I was trying to make a difference and to try saving lives. However because it was aiming for that realism, it took out some of the enjoyment with the talking scenes. The Co-op in this game was pretty interesting, there are multiple missions and you can play either with a friend or a random person in the world. Some can be rather difficult but they require teamwork and if you both communicate you can succeed rather easily and so I couldn't help but keep playing it even after completing each mission. The Multiplayer is where this game excels at most. It has the best team based combat you will ever experience, just like in other Battlefield titles. If you all play as lone wolves, chances are you will die a lot and probably lose the battles. You can play with friends and people around the world, you can use a microphone to communicate and co-ordinate the battle. Work together to take objectives, destroy enemies in vehicles such as tanks and helicopters and kill enemies by watching eachothers backs. You don't get this in other first person shooter franchises. I definitely reccommend this game because even if you don't or can't play with friends you can easily play with other random people around the world and still communicate well to win battles. You might even make some online friends to play with in the future. Another reason to consider this game is that overall, the community is more mature than other franchises. Naturally there is one or two hot heads out there but they are present in all franchises. I give the game 85/100 because I have enjoyed it a lot and while it has suffered from bugs and nerfs over the years, I still enjoy the experience and I still play it to this day, years after the game was released.