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You love multiplayer FPS? Welcome to paradyse.

kemita | June 19, 2013 | Review of Battlefield Bad Company 2 - PC

Gameplay: The action is tight and packed and open and overwelming at the same time. There is no words to describe what it is like being inside a building, defending a position with your squad members while getting teared down to pieces by an T80 russian tank when suddenly the rest of your group comes to help with choppers, RPG 7, grenades, things start to collapse, vehicles start to blow up in 2000 pieces, while you are in the middle hearing every single detail of what is happening and suddenly when you thought everything was a lost hope your team pushes the enemy back and leads to an awesome movie like ending. But it doesn't end. It is pretty much like that every single time there is action on your screen. There are several game modes. All of them based with a multiplayer game setting in mind. Rush and Conquest (16vs16 players) game modes are the most fun and therefore the most popular. In Rush mode, maps are divided in several sections, each one with two points to be destroyed. When the attacking team succesfully accomplish this objective, the defending team is moved to a point behind in the frontline making it so "the new" frontline. In Conquest mode, Russian Forces and USA fight to control several points scattered around the map. With both team spawning at the beginning on a pre set no cappable base. The number of tanks/vehicles is higher than in Rush mode. Expect a very worked Server Browser with all kind of options to choose from. From hardcore mode, to servers in your region, pings filter, and so on. There are 50 levels (that servers for no real purpouse actually, just to brag or show that you have some game knowledge). A miriad of weapons, kit tools, soldier enhancements, weapon enhancements to unlock as you fun your way throught the levels. Voice in game supported. Graphics: Expectacular. You can't belive this game looks so good and runs so smooth with a meagre ATI 4850 at 1920x1080 Sounds: There is no other game in the market that comes close by a mile in this aspect. You must play the game to understand what I'm trying to convince you about. Immersive and stunning. You will think you are a real soldier on a real battlefield.


Amazing single player First Person Shooter game.

kemita | June 19, 2013 | Review of Metro Last Light Overflow - PC

This is going to be a personal review done by someone who enjoys videogames mostly as coop (2-4 players) and multiplayer (+20 players) and tends to avoid the singleplayer generic FPS games with no replay-ability that forces the player to follow a bland linear story. I'll keep it short because if you reading this you actually care about getting the most out of your time and this game deserves your time: Graphics : Amazing graphics in PC, surprisingly good in Xbox 360 / PS3. Attention to very small details give the graphics an easy job to make you think the game and its context could be as real as any day in your life given the same events take place in it. My only complain in this, reloading animations are lighting fast but the hardest difficulty makes you properly understand why. Sound : Another top of the line when it comes to a videogame trying to make you feel within the world it recreates for your enjoyment. From explosions to men screaming. Some guns sound a bit plastic/toy but that didn't bother me. Gameplay: Although linear in its core, limited choices (only two situations where you are allowed to kill or let live) and paths that do not have any relevant impact in the ending/game, the game keeps its action packed/stealth moments and video moments in a good pace to keep you interested in wanting more. Story: 0 spoilers here. A decent story well told throughout a videogame experience. Final Thoughts: Is it worth it for 50€/$ . No it is not. If I had the chance I would have waited until a Steam sale for 10 bucks. Not because it is bad but because the game is good enough to just 1 play-through and then sits on your shelf/steam library for years.