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Nice little game with little flaws

kenshi_kelevra | July 7, 2013 | Review of Lost Planet 2 - PC

Lost Planet 2 is a game designed to be played on online multiplayer, the "single player" is designed to be a 4 coop adventure and if you play alone you still have to host a server and play with bots, which are not the most useful, but still, I have been able to play the whole campaign alone in Normal difficulty, but it is not the most fun. Also, having to mash a button to activate things (which you will do a lot) is tiring and annoying after a while. If you play with a mouse be sure to crank the 2 sensitivity options that are in different menus (what?) and deactivate auto-aiming. Now the good, the combat is Monster Hunter-esque if you have played that, killing giant monsters while jumping and batclawing around the scenario is a blast, using the VS (mechs) makes you feel like a badass too and combat against human enemies can be fun sometimes too when the level is fast or different (there is a level where you advance over a train while wiping out the defending forces, plain awesome). If you buy it right now be aware that there are not a lot of people online so you will most surely play alone (the competitive multiplayer seems to have some interesting ideas but I can't find any game), but if you can get it in an offer and some friends to play with I would say it's a pretty fun time.