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A Definite Rockstar

kevdude90 | Aug. 19, 2013 | Review of LA Noire The Complete Edition Steam - PC

Rockstar has shown to be one of the most prominent gaming companies with their other stars such as the GTA series and the Max Payne series. And they continue to impress with the game L.A Noire, the amount of work put into the game is clearly shown through the amazing graphical design as well as using "Motion Scan" to capture facial expressions. L.A Noire brings about a new wave of intellectual gaming while still being fun for younger audiences. The game cannot be limited to a simple genre as it seems to combine many. However, no game is without its "sins", as one can see that there are many redundancies in the gameplay which somewhat make it boring. Yet, there are aspects of the game that still make it interesting as it becomes more difficult throughout the game therefore needing more intelligence.