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Great potential, but currently not deeply developed

kevin6040 | July 21, 2014 | Review of The Red Solstice 4 Pack - PC

Before I say anything, I want to state that the game is not yet complete, and therefore my review is of the incomplete version on July 21 2014. I can see great potential, but beware as many beta/alpha games I have bought were never finished or took a long time to complete once the developer started racking in the money. The game is very similar to alien swarm. Top down shooter with up to 8 players. Right now, it is not very user friendly. Yes, there is a campaign to show you how to use basic controls, but does not mention or teach people how to use items, or that energy is needed to level up your abilities in game. There is no campaign, and you cannot play a private game with your friends (game is always open to public), and difficulty scaling is too high even when on the easiest difficulty. Currently only has one mode, which is survival. Because of this, I cannot in good conscience recommend this game at 15 dollars, until at least a few of these issues are resolved.


Pretty fun, but terrible mechanics

kevin6040 | July 15, 2014 | Review of Resident Evil 5 - PC

The game is actually quite fun when playing with a friend, because it not only offers a bit of horror but also an RPG element where you can lvl up your weapons. One of my main objections is to the forced camera view. The camera view looks terrible in my opinion, and makes me unable to attack monsters from point blank range on certain occasions. The quick-time events are fun, but also repetitive because if you fail to press one of the buttons in time, then you will be forced to redo the entire thing, cut scene and all.


Amazing game; however dlc's are not recommended.

kevin6040 | July 15, 2014 | Review of TouchFox controller for Castle Crashers - PC

Castle Crashers brings fun experience when playing with friends. Even when alone, it is pretty entertaining. You can level up into main skill trees to improve your character in different areas, and collect rare/unique weapons. What really dragged me into this game was playing through the campaign with my friends and competing to lvl up faster than one another so that we can gain an edge over each other in the occasional PVP. I’ll have to admit though, that the fun really dies down once you beat the game once. I am also somewhat disappointed that none of the dlc’s offer new play areas, but are simply character packs.


Recycled multiplayer, Extinction mode too short

kevin6040 | July 15, 2014 | Review of Call of Duty Ghosts NA - PC

First of all, I want to people to know that I am not saying this game is completely bad, but it will seem terrible if you have played any of the other series of call of duty. The multiplayer is largely recycled material from Modern Warfare 2 and 3. The campaign mode is reasonable, I suppose but it offers nothing new if compared with the campaign from the other call of duty series. The extinction mode is somewhat new and exciting, but is way too short. In addition, all the DLC’s bundle up the extinction map with the multiplayer maps, so if you only wanted to buy the new extinction maps, you have no choice but to also buy the other unwanted multiplayer maps.


Decent game, but mechanics are lacking in depth

kevin6040 | July 15, 2014 | Review of Dark Souls II NA Post - PC

(I have copied this from my review on steam) When i bought this game i saw good reviews. Trust them. Bad decision. Dark souls 1 features realism into the game, and made all monsters hard, but most of all, they are unique and fair. Dark souls 1, huge monsters who hit hard have attack animations which are fair, and can be dodged. In this game, everything has auto target, and focuses on making things hard, rather than unique. They also tossed out the fair element. An enemy with a giant club could pivot 90 degrees (almost as if standing on a record player) half way during their attack animation and whack you. all bosses are pretty much humanoids. Dark souls gameplay is meant more for 1v1 combat , but now you just walk into 1 way tunnels with 7-8 of the same guys grouped together. Pvp is pretty broken. You get can get invaded by MORE than 1 person at the same time, all whilst you are attempting fighting off mobs which only target the host. Also lag makes it so you could slice and dice a person, and even hear the sound of metal on metal, but a quarter of a second later they roll away and are still at full hp. would i recommend this game? probably not. If u want to understand and play the true legacy of the dark souls games, play demon souls or dark souls 1. 2nd one was badly designed.