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A great game, but....

keysersoze16 | Oct. 26, 2011 | Review of Dead Island - PC

Do not get me wrong, this is a great game and is a must for any zombie killer fan. You are alone on an island over run with walkers until you stumble across civilization which in turn can help you but first you have to help them, a boat load of missions is to be done while collection enough money and objects to make yourself some weapons to fight against the dead and wonder why all this is happening. The storyline is amazing, but you need to have a clear head as it does get a little bit twisted towards the middle and as for the environment it is huge with lots of buildings and places to hide yourself. However these are all the good points and of course there are bad ones too, this game is buggy which really is a shame and is a let down to the game, this being said I really got used to the bugs as I got immersed into the game play. I can not see this game lasting long though, it is amazing but once you have completed it you go straight back to the beginning to start it again either with a new character or continue with your progressed one. Enjoy it and love it as this is one of the best zombie games to buy and is a must!


A top game

keysersoze16 | Oct. 26, 2011 | Review of Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box - PC

I only have the normal Burnout but this game is a must for any fast car freaks out there! a good story line and so many races that will blow you away and keep you busy until christmas lol. Being an old game now it is still the most addictive driving and just an escape for putting your foot down and testing how fast you can go while burning rubber on the streets of paradise. With the added ability of using your webcam you can attach a photo of yourself to your driving licences or in multiplayer you can show a friendly gesture or show them the bird whilst having online fun. Bottom line is this game may not be new but really is among one of my best driving games I have, enjoy it and love it!



keysersoze16 | Aug. 26, 2011 | Review of Call of Juarez Bound in Blood - PC

Not having played this first game I had no idea what I was letting myself in for since I had no idea about the guys, their history and just the general gameplayer but I am glad I played this! This game is just pure amazing not for the game! the gameplayer is another wonder factor, but the character building behind them game works great, you will laugh at the remarks, gasp at the near-close deaths scenes, I do love this game as they introduce good levels and you will be gripped at your seat wanting to play more is this game DOES make you want to find out more and more of their lives and what happens at the end. For any wild west fan this is for you as the intence wild west feel is brough alive in many hours of gameplay for your pleasure! you will have fun and you will love this game


A Beast of a Game!

keysersoze16 | Aug. 26, 2011 | Review of Altered Beast - PC

I don't understand why people moan so much about this game, back then this is what we had! this is what we played! now its much more higher intense graphics games, but for any Sega fan this is for you! I have not bought this game but I can tell you what I remember. For this price you are getting rather a strange gameplayer, you are a beast which moves along the stage killing animals and enemies in your way to get to the higher end boss at each stage! THe sounds are just amazing lol and reminds me of my childhood playing this game among other Sega games. Play this game and you will love it! WELCOME TO YOUR DOOM!



keysersoze16 | Aug. 26, 2011 | Review of Mount Blade Warband - PC

This game is just amazing, finally a game that satifies me for what I love about medieval history and for anybody who loves medieval history then this is a game for you! At this price you are getting a VERY VERY long single player with the addition of multiplayer which is just as fun. The Singleplayer: Each single player is different as you can choose which faction you want to be with, but with each faction you will make enemies and gain new friends and just watch out for those pirates! With its extreme battles on horse back using crossbows, bow and arrows, swords and axes to throwing daggers and spears it is ap leasure to play over and over! The Multiplayer: Mental fun! this is all I can say, you can have 50 vs 50 medieval fun, and what fun it is, storming castles, using ladders and seige weapons! On a side note, I wish they would come out with an updated game using Trebuchets and to be a little more gpraphics, but other than this, pure genius game!


Streets of Rage for the win!

keysersoze16 | Aug. 24, 2011 | Review of Streets of Rage - PC

Ahhh I grew up on this game, this one game I could never get enough of! The attacks, the storyline, the enemies, and the amazing music with endless fun of choosing between Adam, Axle or Blaze! These 3 characters are teamed up to fight among the dark streets of their city to defeat the evil big boss, yes you may think the storyline is just the same as others, but somehow this game is very unique, and will always hold a special place in my heart for this one. Please check out the following sequels! This game I give a 10 out of 10! or 100 :)


Not what I expected!

keysersoze16 | Aug. 22, 2011 | Review of Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Conviction - PC

Having played all the previous games of Splinter Cell I can safely say that this game has to be the worst. I feel that this game has a lack of what all the other previous games had, which was stealth, in this game there is none of it, what does Splinter Cell mean to you? sneaking up on enemies? using the most advanced stealth techniques to put a stop to crime? then you best play the previous games and that this one is not for you because there is none of this! Conviction has the graphics, the storyline, the interaction between family members (the daughter), don't get me wrong, it is a fun game just to kill a few hours, as a solid cell fan I enjoyed it because of that, but there is nothing else other than this, they have taken out of the game what means the most. Not what I expected at all, why have amazing graphics but ruin it with lack of gameplay fun!


Not so bad as people think

keysersoze16 | Aug. 22, 2011 | Review of Aliens vs Predator Requiem - PC

It really isn't, I am not going to write a long review here because I think other people before has already done this, but if you are an alien or predator fan what better way than to play as your favourite species. Yes, the storyline is shallow and can get really boring after a while, but the graphics are fantastic and the multiplayer is even better! i bought this game only for MP to play with my friends and I don't care if the single player sucked, we had hours of fun playing what we like! the sounds are authentic and so are the weapons. Who cares if the SP sucked the multiplay doesn't and as long as you have fun who cares? there is so much fun to be had in this game! if you are an alien or predator fan you should play this!


Recommended for all TR fans!

keysersoze16 | Aug. 22, 2011 | Review of Tomb Raider Underworld - PC

Out of all Tomb Raider games I love this the most! I do not want to make a spoiler out of this review but the storyline is awesome! following dense jungles and tombs to find your way to the hidden treasures behind THOR, the norse god of thunder! The storyline will fit with any fan of the Norse Mythology as this game just drags you into this world full of fun puzzles with such beautiful graphics to go along with the storyline you will be mezmorized in this game! This is a MUST BUY and probably the best of all Tomb Raider games!



keysersoze16 | Aug. 22, 2011 | Review of Trine - PC

OH MY! what to say about this game other than just pure genius! The colors in this game are so beautiful that it captures you and pulls you into this adventure game where you can be these amazing characters. The combining of characters works well in this game to help you get throug hto the end of each levels. The choice of monsters are awesome too and yet the storyline just goes well with this game, it does not dissapear from where it started. The only thing I dislike about this game is that it is too short and I want TRINE 2 NOW! this is a MUST PLAY!


Let down

keysersoze16 | Aug. 22, 2011 | Review of Mafia II - PC

I played the 1st game so naturally I was looking forward to this one. after playing the game my thoughts went from good to bad! the graphics are awesome! but there is lack of fun. It seemed that the game devs didnt want you to have any fun, you can speed past police and there would be no cops chasing you!in the first game you had to use the blinkers of your car however in the second game this was not nesscary! which let the game down for me so much. The ending of this game was just so bad that I thought the devs just ran out of ideas and just thought "lets end it"


Pure classic

keysersoze16 | Aug. 22, 2011 | Review of Patrician III - PC

This game is up there among the greats, I love such game generes of buildind medieval towns and looking after your empire, and what better way to do this other than in this game! There is so much you can do in this game while giving you quite a variety of history about real life medieval history. Anybody who is thinking about getting this game you will not be dissapointed!



keysersoze16 | Aug. 22, 2011 | Review of Magicka - PC

Such a wonderful idea for a game to have wizards that can combine magic skills such as wind and ice to make ice thrown swords. The gameplay is very good with lots of DLCs and gets you interacted with the game so much due to the fact that there is so much to do, so many magic skills. I really enjoyed this game