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When the battlefield becomes real.

killar89 | Nov. 2, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 3 - PC

Big fan of FPS, I stopped playing the battlefield series after Vietnam and came back for Bad Company 1 & 2. Battlefield 3 is a very nice surprise, both realistic and fun to play this game is a must have. The graphics are gorgeous, the Frostbite engine is doing an excellent job, even on middle end machines! The immersion is excellent with obstacle crossing and knife animation. The sound is well known in the Battlefield series to be really nicely rendered! This game sounds so real, the weapons, the ground materials, the vehicles, everything is real! The gameplay was my biggest fear after seeing the promotion videos but once you get the hand on it, it's like you did that for your entire life. Sniping becomes your job and headshooting your hobby! Obviously I'll not talk about the solo mode since it's boring as hell. Multi mode is quite classic for battlefield aficionados but that's why we play! There are plenty of servers, maps and game mode. Servers are dedicated (boo COD boo). The maps are huge, nicely designed and gives you the opportunity to perform both in vehicles and by foot. My big drawback is the way the game is managed, through Origin and then a web interface (that display really cool statistics) that is more or less trying to become a sort of social network thing... I'm an old school boy! Except for some little balancing issues and crashes with the battlelog platform, we can say that this game is quite fantastic!