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Best online shooter of all time!

killermanjaro | March 18, 2014 | Review of Titanfall Origin - PC

This game is amazing, there's not other way to describe it. The games mechanic of mixing online multi-player with AI grunts and Spectres works perfectly, leaving you with always something to shoot at. Some might say the AI isn't challenging (and it's not), but that's not the point of them being there. The AI's presence is there so your never out of the action, gone are the days of running around a map for ages with nothing happening because you can't find anyone. Being easy to kill helps you always feel good playing this game, there's never a round where you feel you've done badly. And it gives players of a lower skill a chance to still be in the game, I've seen some people finish top on their team with only 3 human kills but a ton of AI kills. They also reduce Titan cooldown, so again everyone has a way of getting one sooner. Don't feel that going after the AI is all you'll do though, as even with such large maps you will always find other players quickly, and its still more rewarding to take them out. It's more satisfying and reduces your Titan cooldown even quicker. There are still various perks, guns, Titan loadouts etc, to keep players busy, and its just about playing around to find a setup that suits your play style. The other addition is Burn Cards, which give perks for use once per life, varying from reducing Titan respawn, to amped weapons. In terms of gameplay this runs perfectly, I've not come across any lag or disconnections. Graphics are really impressive, the backdrops in particular have a lot going on, and each map is interesting and no two feel the same. I run at 1080p with a solid 60fps and haven't had any slow down or drop in frame rate, even with massive battles involving multiple Titans. The transition from being on foot to boarding a Titan is seamless, the free running / jetpack system works well, moving around in a Titan isn't awkward. Everything just works well in this game, and its fresh to have a shooter where you don't ever seem to get spawn killed. The other great thing with this game is that every match feels epic! Every battle is fun, if you win or loose there is then a secondary objective to get to / or stop the evac drop ship. And there are plenty of wow moments in every match, ejecting from a Titan thats gone nuclear, making a kill after jumping wall to wall from buildings, taking out three Titans in a row by jumping from one to the next, something will always happen to impress you. Not once have I found myself annoyed during a match, even when an enemy kills you in mid air after you've both ejected from your Titans, you just nod and go "that was cool!". I've never had a 'bad' round on this like with other fps games, but even when you don't do quite as well as you hoped, you don't get annoyed, but instead just disappointed with yourself as you feel you let yourself down. The only thing I feel this game could have done with is Titan personalisation, custom paint jobs or emblems. And maybe a bigger variety of Titans (currently there are 3), a larger range of weapons wouldn't have been missed either. That said I can understand that being a new franchise and new idea of a game, it probably made sense not to chuck a load of things in without seeing how it all went. These are probably things for Titanfall 2 (please be a Titanfall 2 at some point!), or they may come in the form of dlc with the extra maps, I have the season pass so will see what comes of it. Some might complain about the lack of a map voting option, but personally I hope it stays this way, the game picking the next map at random is much more fun and it means you don't get people just voting for one map all of the time. (Think about how many times you've player maps like nuketown on COD because no one voted for anything else!). All in all, not real major things going against this game. To sum up, the game looks nice, it plays well, maps are interesting and different to each other, different ways of getting yourself on the scoreboard for people of different skill, epic Titan battles, plenty of loadouts available, oh, and best online shooter of all time! This game is a must buy for everyone, it's a refreshing change to the normal fps game out there, and I can't see myself playing anything else for a long time. I would even suggest people who aren't normally into fps games give this a try. And remember, "Life's better with a Titan".


Simple but fun

killermanjaro | Aug. 25, 2013 | Review of The Adventures of TinTin The Game - PC

While this game isn't exactly going to be topping any 'greatest games of all time' lists, it's still worthwhile picking up for some good old fashioned platforming fun. The game actually does a good job with presentation, the levels are generally quite colourful and nice to look at, the 3D parts still look fairly decent, and the voice acting isn't all that bad either. In terms of gameplay, the movement, combat and controls are all very simple, but that's all this type of game needs. The game isn't very long or difficult, meaning you can play through quite casually with not much concentraion needed. The only downside I found with this game is at times the camera angle in 3D sequences was a bit annoying. To wrap up, if you want a fun platformer then this is ideal, just don't expect to be coming back to replay it much.


Amazingly addictive!

killermanjaro | July 7, 2013 | Review of Worms Crazy Gold - PC

Worms and golf might seem an odd combination, but then years ago pairing a worm with a bazooka seemed an odd thing to do, and look how much fun that turned out to be! In essence this game plays and looks like any other traditional Worms game, the only difference being instead of ninja roping across a map to drop a mine on an unsuspecting worms head, your weapon of choice is now a set of golf clubs. (which are upgradeable by getting points to buy new ones). The holes are well done and still manage to retain all the worms humour in the form of sheep, old grannies, mines, and randomly placed worms for a bit of target practice, if that wasn't enough to keep you entertained they've thrown in some teleports and huge cannons that can blast your ball for miles too. Granted whilst this isn't a game that you're likely to play for hours on end in one sitting, it is fun when played a few holes at a time, though you'll find times when you do get hooked as you think 'I'll just complete one more hole'. All in all, whilst this isn't quite as satisfying as lobbing a well placed holy hand grenade next to your friends last surviving worm, it is a refreshing change to the other Worms games and well worth picking up. And the best part is the default worm you can use is of course the veteran worm that started it all, and his name was Boggy B!


Great game that plays as well as it looks!

killermanjaro | July 7, 2013 | Review of Bastion - PC

Right from the start you get to see the great artwork and visuals that this game has. The gameplay plays smoothly and is lots of fun, with a combat system that works well, you do have to sometimes be a bit careful of rolling off the edge of the level by mistake whilst in combat. In addition to that the soundtrack and voice work is outstanding, and rounds of the whole package! Worth picking up and playing!