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A worthy zombie addition

killustrator | Oct. 22, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead - PC

I hesitated to purchase this game, when I was told that it was more-or-less an adventure game with little action; however, I have come to differ, while I noticed two flaws that I will discuss in a moment, the Walking Dead was an adventure game about choices and relationships with human beings during a zombie outbreak, and it even had action in the form of button mashing and targeting with timers in-game. The relationship between Lee and Clementine was undeniably touching and I could relate to nearly every character in the game and my choices were often driven by my very own emotions and my drive to protect Clementine, at all costs. The only two noticeable flaws where that my choices often didn't alter the dialogue of the game; for example, I had Lee be honest by denying that Clementine was his daughter when prompted by other characters in the game, yet they continued to call her my daughter throughout the story. There was also one graphical bug in the last, major city, but it didn't hinder game-play so I only have minor, superficial complaints about it. If you hesitated about purchasing this game, hesitate no more...unless you were a kid who hated Choose Your Own Adventure books or Goosebumps growing up, then don't bother to get it.