Reviews by kimikazio


Its War Time

kimikazio | May 4, 2014 | Review of World in Conflict Complete Edition - PC

a really good...all. Good story, good gameplay and good graphics. Story: The game puts you into a huge campaign in a hipothetical war between USA and URSS after the cold war. The game lets you play through both sides with a really good storytelling with cutscenes and all. Everything has movie quality and awesomeness. Graphics: the graphics are pretty cool and spectacular, also in the cutscenes you can see that those small models have a lot of detail on it, all the soldiers and vehicles are very well made. Gameplay: Its very smooth, it takes the basics like other strategy games like company of heroes or warhammer 40k DoW and improves it. Everything feels smooth and very useful. It allows to play really fast without stopping the game. Must have game for strategy lovers. Also this edition includes the russian/soviet campaign fully integrated in the main capaign, so you can play the whole game and all soviet missions will be playable in the right chronological time, so you can enjoy it even more. Also wanna thank the developers for making it available in a lot of languages, even the voice acting. Awesome game


The ending of an era. A lot to reveal

kimikazio | April 26, 2014 | Review of Assassins Creed Revelations Gold - PC

This game is a must have. There's a lot of stuff revealed in this game. Its quite complex, so you'll need to play it more than once in order to understand everything behind this game. It contains a lot of information connected and explaining some of the questions generated by previous games.The main thing is that after the shocking ending of AC: Brotherhood, Desmond's mind is broken, same as subject 16 suffered, so you'll need to go through Desmond's memories and finnish what you started before with ezio and altair in order to close that memories and "fix" or join again Desmond's mind with the animus synch nexus. Gameplay is same as Brotherhood with some new & cool improvements: Bombs (explosive, distractions, etc.) to help your stealth tactics. Now Ezio has hook to make parkour and climbing easier and smoother Assassins Creed Revelations Gold includes all the extra downloadable contents for the base game, i seriously recommend to pick the gold edition, the main DLC, lost archive explains even more information of some of the things happened previously with some main characters (i dont want to spoil so not going to say names).