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SNAKE EATER the sneaky one

klanus | Dec. 19, 2014 | Review of Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes (1) - PC

Too long did not read : MUST BUY :This game has wonderful graphics, Good release , Game mechanics are really cool, Fox Engine is really nice. FPS ranges from 30min 45 avg 60max GTX 970 with apu 5800k(bottleneck I know)(one bug : When you got an enemy in a choke hold and try moving him over some rocks that rock blocks you) OMG I Love how console exclusives are finally being released to pc. Thank Lord Gaben almighty. I'm a huge fan of metal gear series but I've never owned one since the game cube. I got to play the hd edition of metal gear 1 2 and 3 until my xbox red dot of death but anyways I'm happy to finally see this. Personal story: I had no clue this game was coming out for pc . I literally just came home from work and my nvidia was not starting up and i had to uninstall and reinstall. Low and behold when I checked Nvidia's site for my gtx 970 drivers I spotted some beta drivers and I read the highlight notes. I didn't read anything except . Support for Metal Gear solid V Ground zero. I was mind blown . I googled it immediately and google was too confusing. I went to and then I saw it MGS:V . OMG I Lost my shit loudly in the middle of the night I'm screaming like a little girl. Saw it on steam first too but then I was like "GreenMan Gaming has the best damn deals known to man Steam definitely needs to get some competition. " Grabbed up my copy of this waited for the 2.9 gb download (YUP that's right 2.9 gb) That's unreal what? This game looks soo good and plays soo well. Took 30 minutes to download and I'm running around because i love the movement the controls (xbox 360 controller . I'm no fan of a keyboard for adventure games) Story : well this a day one review and first impression i can't help you out and I don't wanna spoil it. Game mechanics : This game is really weird compared to the other MGS games the movements and the player actions are smooth and wonderful . Running and diving . crawling and the animations are crazy sick. I spent 30 minutes running around in this game because of that. You got a binoculars that can see all of the map. Mission approaches are all up to you. Multiple paths. AI reactions and movements. ( They are not stupid they see you ) Hard difficulty was not enabled at first play but normal is pretty challenging. I love that you could call in helicopters whenever you please (at designated extraction points but anytime) .


Final Fantasy 13, the girl you love but somethings wrong

klanus | Dec. 12, 2014 | Review of FINAL FANTASY XIII2 - PC

Too long didn't read (Not true 60 fps - BUY IT you'll love it) Alright so a month ago when I found out Final Fantasy 13 part 2 was getting released I was stoked but wait I didn't finish part 1 yet but that didn't matter 60 fps enhanced and I made it almost to the end on the xbox 360 version . That was enough right? Anyways let's not talk about how much i loved it for the Xbox 360 lets stick to pc. Firstly Performance. When i first opened the game I expected 60 fps solid. I'm rocking the beast of a gtx 970 with my monster ram and processor . I get 40+ frames on crysis 3 ultra no worries right ? .... Nope the frames go all over the place 60 fps is not all the time. I was expecting all the time only because I read " 60 frames-per-second graphics" cutscenes and cinematic combat . Playing the first few minutes made it seem like vsync was on weird right ? There's a part when you get on a beach this is at the begining of the game and literally my game is stuck at 15 fps or 20fps no in between nothing . Wait is my processor or gpu that bad? hell no I don't believe that. In battle I'm stuck at 30 fps flat nothing going up or down except that random flash of a milli second 29 or 31 . Okay so after the beach battle back to 30 fps . Happy happy, few drops to 15 or 20 fps now remember no inbetween . To sum things up performance : In battle 30 fps out of battle 30 fps maybe 20 or 15 fps during cut scenes 60 fps or 30 fps or whatever the game feels like. Performance is not what i expected but hell atleast I get to play part 2 of this serious I really love it. My personal likes: Omg you can jump in this game woooh. Best thing I'm enjoying atm. same battle system with a few updates the game and visuals are really nice to look at while playing. The starting weapons are pretty chill . I've only played a little of the game so I can't really speak for most of the story and the rest of the systems and weapons but the weapons and monsters i see at the beginning is jaw dropping . Love me some final fantasy. Wrap up : This game has been out for a while and is out for pc finally . I really love the fact that i get to play it on pc I wanna thank whoever is responsible and I will email them a thank you. Sadly true 60 fps is not really set but hey, you get the 60 fps glimpse though. Resolutions are wonderful and stunning . Some added features that make me love this game even more . I jumped soo much. It was well worth the pre-order . My conclusion buy it and you'll enjoy the hell out of it if you are not planning on getting a console like me or never played it . Its really fun. After I finish it I'll make a n indept review


Take your foot of the brakes and put it on the gas.

klanus | Dec. 26, 2013 | Review of DmC Devil May Cry Overflow (1) - PC

This game has tons of combos , wicked weapons and the best kinda music that would make a non rock/metal person bump his head to. First playthrough and I look forward to the rest. Story was straight forward and well executed enough to follow with logic. The skins are cool the controls are comfortably done. I dropped 10 hours in this thing and I can't get enough of it. There are witty jokes you'd laugh at. Plain old Dante. He may look different but the same personality that we all love from the old games.


It's Beautiful

klanus | Aug. 24, 2013 | Review of Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition - PC

Purchased it and played for some time. This game is really fun I haven't tried the online games yet but I heard they were laggy . I'm not one for online gameplay in fighting games though I play local only . I am a old time guy . Overall good graphics great gameplay.


Just WAW

klanus | Aug. 20, 2013 | Review of Dont Starve - PC

I saw this game and was really not into it and I bought it expecting nothing really but a straight playthrough. Boy was I in for a treat this game is fun and the art is amazing . Well worth the purchase I love it.