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Great port and best revival of the series

klusps | July 22, 2015 | Review of Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition NA - PC

The last Mortal Kombat game I played was Mortal Kombat Deception on the Nintendo Gamecube. After being done with 3-D fighting games for a while, Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition is a breath of fresh air. I always enjoyed 2-D fighting games like the original Mortal Kombat on the SNES, Street Fighter, Primal Rage, and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom. The news that this game is returning back to 2-D was a huge plus. Just like any Mortal Kombat game the fighting is brutal and the fatalities are even more brutal and fun to look at. I also enjoyed the story mode a lot, more then any Mortal Kombat game that I can recently remember. Overall recommend it if you're a Mortal Kombat fan and a 2-D fighting fan in general.


If you're a BF fan, then you'll enjoy it

klusps | July 22, 2015 | Review of Battlefield 4 Premium Edition NA - PC

I know $40 might seem like a lot to shell out for DLC maps, but I personally found the maps to be worth it, especially if you play Battlefield 4 regularly. Each DLC content is loaded with bunch of new content from new weapons, vehicles, and game modes. The maps themselves are also to be admire because they're highly detailed and beautiful to look at. I don't really care about the premium skins, but they're there for people who are interested in unlocking them. Overall get it if you're into Battlefield.


Pleasantly surprised, first time experience!

klusps | July 21, 2015 | Review of Resident Evil HD Remaster - PC

First thing I have to say is I never had the courage to played the Gamecube version or the original PS1 version of Resident Evil when I was younger, so this is all new to me. From a PC port perspective, everything runs great and the game looks stunningly beautiful. I love the pre-rendered background, and the updated character models look nice. The atmosphere feels very unique and unlike anything I experience in this modern age of horror games.Just from the opening cutscene, the game sets a tone that this game will be very dreary, unsettling, and depressing(in a good way). The music and piano cues amplifies this even more. Another thing I have to give props to is the use of environmental storytelling. Although this game does have in-game cutscenes that push the narrative forward, I say 90 percent of the game is done through environmental story telling, and I love it. A great example in a part of a game is when the player stumble upon a room full of fish tanks, bugs ornament on the wall, and insects in cages. It would of been simpler for the game developers to tell the player in a cutscene or radio what happened in that room, but this game never did that. Instead the designers left it up to the player's imagination to determine what happened in that room. It is up to the player to piece everything together and figure out what happened in the mansion. This game is full of things like that. Now in terms of gameplay, I was fine with it. I didn't have any problems with the updated modern controls and I understood the shooting mechanic isn't suppose to be like RE4. The Ink Ribbon saving system never really bothered either, because I found many Ink Ribbon scattered about. The only problem I had was the inventory, which was quite limiting. I felt like my inventory filled up pretty quick. Since my inventory fills up pretty quick I had to backtrack to my stash a lot or sometimes I have to waste an herb to pick up an important key item to unlock a gate. Overall it was a very compelling experience and I don't think any horror fans should miss out on this gem.


Fun, but can get reptitive

klusps | July 13, 2015 | Review of Evolve - PC

The idea of chasing a monster and working as a team sounds really good on paper, but it personally found the game to be far too repetitive for my taste. From my experience, most match either ends up being a long goose chase or it ends in a couple minutes. The actual fight with the monster is the best part of the game and I have to admit it is pretty exhilarating. The game definitely requires a lot of teamwork, so I suggest playing this with a group of friends. I think the $60 price tag is a bit much for the amount of content you're actually getting. One of the thing this game lacks is variety in monsters, but in order to get those monsters you must shell out additional money.


Really great multiplayer mayhem!

klusps | July 3, 2013 | Review of Chivalry Medieval Warfare Overflow 1 - PC

You got to give credits to Torn Banner Studios on the amount of content and polish they put into this game. The gameplay has a surprising amount of depth in it and there are tons of weapons to choose from; each weapon have their own distinct advantage. If your PC can handle it, there are plenty of 64-players servers which is a whole lot of fun to be had. I paid $20 dollars for it and it was totally worth it!