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More of the Same

kn0k44 | April 30, 2013 | Review of Dead Island Riptide Standard - PC

Dead Island: Riptide is a great game, just as you would expect from Deep Silver. Since this is the second installment of this series, there were no release bugs that were big enough to cause loss of data, not that it was a problem on PC for the first one anyways, but it's always good to know. First 10 Minutes: You will see a large flashback of the events from Dead Island, which is good for if you beat and forgot, never played, or just never had the time to beat it. As it finishes, you are thrust upon a carrier that is off the coast of Banoi, where; get this, there are more zombies! You are stuck in the confinements for a good amount of time until you meet up with more survivors, and the developers give you a good amount of gunplay for a few minutes on top, which is very nice of them since it took about 4 hours of game play in the first to get the first gun (excluding Purna). Things happen, boats explode, and you awaken on a new island's beach. Game Play: The game play is the same. There are not many improvements here, but with the new character, John, you get some really cool new jumping and uppercut melee attacks. You can jump down and punch a zombie, ensuring a one hit kill. There are new boats, however, which handle very similarly to cars, but allow for more accessibility. You are also able to use some new AoE (Area of Effect) bonuses on your teammates by pressing the Fury key (Z) once your fury is already active, if upgraded. These range from more damage, to taking much less damage and even healing a bit when you get kills. Graphics and Environment: The graphics look amazing, but comparing it to the first one, there are not that many vast improvements. Not to mention the environment is basically the same. There are some flash flood storms that come out of no where stunting visibility, which is always fun when you hear a "Thug" roaring in the background. Finally; coop. This game is great fun with friends, or even randoms. I try to avoid randoms though, as they will run through and ruin a bit of the perspective of the game. However, it is meant to be played with 4 people. If you want to get the most out of this game; play with friends. It's the only way. I will give this game a 75/100 due to it being devastatingly similar to the first; but why fix something that isn't broken? While there are some apparent bugs, I believe Deep Silver will work towards fixing them in due time. On a final note: Just because it is way more fun in coop does not mean you should not try it if you like zombie games, but have no one to play with presently. Any game is fun with any mindset. -Knok