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Slasher and logic game

kontotestowe | Jan. 28, 2014 | Review of Darksiders (1) - PC

In Darksiders you are one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Your name is War. The mission of game is proving your innocent as you didn't make an Earth apocalypse. The only one thing what you start with is your sword. You can't even make a good combo with it. New moves can be bought is shop. But sword isn't your only weapon. There's a Scepter and Gauntlet which you'll get by playing. There are normal or legendary enchantments which can be put in your weapon. You dispose spells after buying them. Thing giving me the most fun was Demon form. You can get it after many sword's attacks. When your bar will be full you might transform to unstoppable Demon. The fighting items or magic is not only thing in this game. There's some items which you'll need to complete logic mini-games. They aren't hard but you have to be open-minded and skilful. The game is pretty good when you are playing it with pad, so don't forget to plug it in because in my opinion, playing Darksiders on keyboard is very uncomfortable and annoying.


Randomly generated rougelike

kontotestowe | Jan. 28, 2014 | Review of The Binding of Isaac - PC

The Binding of Isaac is rouge like with totally randomly generated dungeons. The longer you play, the game gives you more different items and bosses. There is no the same game. Every time when you click "Start" you can be sure that it will be different rooms, enemies and items. Isaac is pretty nice but bad optimized production. I had no problems to learn to play it. The gameplay is pleasant and very comfortable. It's always fair with us. When we've died, we did it because of fails. It's easy to play but very hard to become master. I think DLC (Wrath of the Lamb) is mandatory to buy because it give you access to many bosses, rooms, items and characters.