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A largely underappreciated game

koolchiefs | March 21, 2015 | Review of King Arthur II - PC

You don't hear a lot about the King Arthur games, and that is a shame. The original King Arthur was impressive and grand in potential, but left a few things on the table. It felt to me like a game that needed a bit more polish, and a few more ideas. Luckily, King Arthur II provides this. You get a game that looks great(even still today), has loads of replayability, and some unique mechanics. I love that I can command an army in a grand strategy sort of RTS format, but also have units that I can enhance and grow. I like the special abilities as well, which completely change the battle. If you like RTS games, especially games like the Total War series, and you want something slightly more approachable and not fully based in reality, King Arthur II provides that. Not perfect, and a few bugs here and there, but overall the second installment in this series is quite solid and loads of fun.


Some good classic fun

koolchiefs | Aug. 14, 2013 | Review of Earth 2160 - PC

I remember playing this series many years ago, and lost my disks. When I saw that I could get this game here for cheap, it was a no brainer. The Earth games are in-depth enough, but not overly confusing. The customization of units is excellent, the graphics for their time period were great, and it's very cool to watch the battles unfold in this futuristic, but still believable setting. It just brought back memories to play this. If you're looking for some good RTS action, this could be some fun for you.