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Good, but pales in comparison to its predecessors.

koppen | May 19, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

In Bioshock 1 and 2, we were introduce to the world of Rapture, and underwater Eutopia. Bioshock 1 introduced us to the world. Bioshock 2 made us fall in love with it again, with streamlined gameplay and the story told from a different perspective. Bioshock Infinite seeks to do what Bioshock did for Rapture, but now for Columbia, a sky high civlization. From a dark, gloomy, dysfunctional setting, now we are given an actual populated civilization. Its great to see how the story and gameplay is wolven into an actual civilization with people. Columbia is a beautiful world. I love the story. Great twists as expected from the writing team at Irrational. No complains there. Elizabeth, as a companion, is a truly well fleshed out female character, perhaps one of the best in recent memory. Booker is relatable. They have great rapport, and the dialogue between them is great. The gameplay is streamlined and interesting. Vigors give you different abilities, with interesting combos. There are also a wide myriad of guns. Most note worthy are skylines, which allow you to travel around the playing field in a roller-coaster fashion. The most fun parts of the game involve skylines. Together with the guns and vigors, these add to substantial gameplay depth, allowing you to tackle with enemies in different ways. However, the gameplay goes get a little repetitive and draggy at several points. Skylines are utilized as much as I had hoped. There are also some inconsistency in gameplay, which I cannot go into further detail without including spoilers. Essentially, the game makes very drastic change in gameplay style very late into the game, making the difficulty change due to frustration. All in all, great game. Perhaps not at the heights of Bioshock 1/2, but still a great FPS


Oldie but Goodie

koppen | May 19, 2013 | Review of BioShock Overflow 1 - PC

Even with Bioshock Infinite, this is easily still my FPS of the decade. From a gameplay perspective, Bioshock shook so many things up for an FPS. Creative use of plasmids and varying guns allow for exciting gameplay. Enemies, like the Big Daddy, are great fun to play against. From a mood and thematic setting, Bioshock is such a creepy game. I was truly afraind when I encountered my first Big Daddy. Rapture is a beautiful, eerie Eutopian world with its messed up under-belly. Entering rapture for the first time is such a memorable experience. If you're looking for an FPS, but are sick of your Call-of-Dutys and Battlefields, this would perhaps invigorate your love for the genre once again.


One of the best hours to value ratio out there

koppen | May 3, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V - PC

I'm not a 4X fanatic, but I've had lots of fun with the game. Its relatively easy to pick up, with large variety in gameplay, with different appeal to different play styles. Lots of units, buildings, unique abilities. AI is mediocre at lower levels, and outright unfair at higher levels. To win higher level AI typically involves abusing the game systems and the AI. The intermediate AI are the most playable. Though sometimes their diplomatic decisions make absolutely no sense at all. Military/Domination victories require a little attrition, especially on bigger maps. Non military victories can be quite fun. Different heroes, maps and map sizes really help to shake things up. Worth the money!