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Awesome Game

korbeen | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of Hitman Absolution (1) - PC

That's a nice game, remembers me of Hitman 2, more of an action game. It's an amazing new world, but if you were expecting a game like Blood Money you'll be disappointed, you don't have the same liberty to scout the surrounds since even with disguises the npcs will know you aren't one of then very quickly so, if you want to pass unnoticed you will have to be hidden most of the time. For veteran players of Hitman i think it will take some time until you get the new mechanics, since you can't roam around so easily and it's very hard to make the perfect hit (nobody sees you doing something suspicious, you only killed the marks and so on...). The shoot outs are a very nice part, with active cover and the ability to carry all the guns on the inventory (you can hide assault rifles, snipers and shotguns on your suit...). One thing that i miss a little is the loadout selection on the beginning of each mission, but still it's a nice thing that you have to improvise your actions. At the end of each mission you'll see your score, and you'll also see which of the challenges you complete. While the story isn't a high point of the game, and there are few memorable characters along it, the dialogs between the people around the maps are awesome, some of then will make you at least giggle. The contracts mode is very fun, since you'll receive the mission from other players to play a mission and kill up to 3 targets and you'll have to follow specific instructions for each contract/targets example you have to kill every target with a katana wearing a chip-monkey costume without being caught by anyone. You can also make contracts, and it's very easy, you just have to actually beat the contract the you are proposing, and so you'll make sure it's not impossible. The AI have some flaws and sometimes it will see you in impossible places, like corners, and it's very disappointing when a guy on the second floor of a build in the other side of the room recognize you and blow your disguise. This game have received a lot of negative reviews but i think that most of then were made by people that didn't give the changes a real fight chance. It's a fun game and it's is a Hitman game, but it's different from blood money.