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A good game that get's a bit boring in the end game

kouru225 | July 8, 2013 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown Pack - PC

This game is great: it reinvigorates the turn based games of old and brings with it a hardcore semi-rogue-like theme that makes you terrified of every move you make. XCOM is, and has always been, a reimagining of a basic UFO invasion scenario turned super realistic: your soldiers die forever, you will probably lose your first couple of games unless you choose a low difficulty, and you will be punished for any mistakes made in the game (the game is built so that each playthrough will be different/randomly generated.) This, however, is a remake of the original and takes more of a board gamey approach to the original's simulator approach. That's not to say that this game IS a board game, though. The game presents itself in two stages: a turn-based battle stage and a real-time with fast forward options strategy layer. On the strategy layer you buy weapons, soldiers, satellites, aircraft to shoot down UFOs, build facilities, and choose where to send your troops, which begins the turn-based battles. The turn-based layer gets rid of time units and allows one movement and one attack with the exception of soldier abilities, which depend on class and equipment. The end game may start to get a bit less exciting and dangerous as you slowly learn about the aliens and gain technology that seems a bit overpowered, but the beginning and middle of the game are so exciting that it doesn't even matter (mods have also attempted to remedy this issue.) This game is punishing, rewarding, scary, exciting, and just plain old fun as you watch your soldiers, whom you've (possibly) named after your friends and family, die or become heroes. A great game that should satisfy any fan of alien invasion movies, strategy, or anyone who just wants some good old fun and doesn't mind losing. I recently had a friend who claimed he "didn't like those type of games," but ended up loving XCOM. Do yourself a favor and buy this game. P.S. The missions aren't randomly generated like the original game, though. There are ~100 missions that are randomly selected.