Reviews by kowen


A great game that recalls better times!

kowen | July 16, 2013 | Review of Death Rally - PC

Certainly, Death Rally fans will not be disappointed, (except for not being able to choose Duke Nukem character). For those unfamiliar with the series, this game is like "Micromachines", but more brutal. The good thing is that it has improved a lot over the old game, more weapons, more modes, but without losing the essence of the original 1996 game. The only downside is that everything is "upgrades", whereas in the original you could just buy things (cars, weapons, sabotage ...) while in this game you have to unlock achievements or improving absolutely everything (car, guns, objects ...), which turns the game into something repetitive ... but I like it anyway. Definitely a great remake (and multiplayer), I don't understand how he could have so little acceptance by the community. I love this game!


A new superhero!

kowen | July 16, 2013 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

Truly addictive. Definitely one of the best platform games that exist. Simple in appearance, but with a very elaborate graphical atmosphere with funny animations and sound effects, plus a great soundtrack. What stands out is its great gameplay. Large variety of levels and unlockable characters (with different skills), secondary objectives, achievements, etc.., Which allow you to play beyond the end of the game. Great sense of humor, with gag for geeks and tributes to legendary games. You can save replays of your best plays, or compete against the best times of your friends, as well as access the hard mode of each Stage if you've previously passed with distinction (A + grade). Fun guaranteed. The only downside is not being able to change the controls ingame (both the keyboard and the gamepad). To do this, you must manually edit "buttonmap.cfg". I strongly recommend using a gamepad for this game!



kowen | July 16, 2013 | Review of Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection (1) - PC

This game it's a masterpiece collection of the epic first three Mortal Kombat games in their arcade versions. But I don't like some things, like you need connect to Games for Windows Live for play this game. Also, you can play multiplayer, but you need other PC and game, and playing this online is disappointing due to the lag. No local multiplayer, so forget about playing with a friend on your PC like old times. The worst thing is that this game isn't compatible with most of game pads, only works with Xinput controllers such as the 360 controller. And seems like this game will not have development work anymore. Moreover, I recommend buy this game, especially for MK fans and/or nostalgic people.



kowen | July 5, 2013 | Review of Evil Genius - PC

I bought this game at GreenMan Gaming, and I love it! This classic combines aspects of games such as Theme Park and Dungeon Keeper. Some bugs are really annoying, such as your minions get stuck, but otherwise is a fantastic game. Prepare to Become an evil genius and conquer the world with this fantastic simulator.