Reviews by ksjp17


Bliss for 2D RPG lovers

ksjp17 | May 1, 2013 | Review of Laxius Force 2 - PC

Like all 3 games in this trilogy, this one has a great story, with a huge, unexpected, but completely believable turn in the plot. It’s not a one-dimensional story either, so there’s plenty to carry the 50+ hours of gameplay, with interesting characters that you want to get to know more about. There are lots of side quests, around 100 if you want to do them all. I like the way it is possible to explore so many interesting areas, all with decent items to find as rewards for exploring. Gameplay has great variety, the range of gear with different attributes is substantial – a great help in devising sneaky strategies in battle. I have played this 3, maybe 4, times and each time I’ve found something new. I doubt that I’ve found everything yet, so replay value is excellent. It's been out a while now, so the graphics are a bit dated, but a game is more than graphics, and this is one which I can highly recommend.


Great game and not to be missed

ksjp17 | Oct. 31, 2012 | Review of Laxius Force - PC

The term "epic" is over-used, but it's hard to think of another one for this game. It has a gripping story which draws you in and characters which over the course of the game grow and develop. The game description says 80 hours of game play; it can easily be more than that if you do all the 100+ side quests and search out all the secret places. Every map rewards exploration and contributes to the overall plot/character development - no padding for the sake of it. Game play is varied, and paying attention to the specif qualities of weapons/gear will give a great strategic advantage in battles. Replay value is very high, and even on my 4th play through I still found something new. If 2D RPGs are your thing, then this is a 'must-have'.


Classic style with great replayability

ksjp17 | July 13, 2012 | Review of Asguaard - PC

It's true that you don't get cutting edge graphics, but a decent game is much, much more than that. You get a great and engaging story, with plenty of exploration which gets you a great variety of goodies. You get possibilities for customizing some of the skills of the characters which adds to the game play. You can't just hack your way through, you have to use strategy and I like that style. And this game is really long, unlike so many 2D RPGs at the moment, and I think it is worth the price.