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Not a masterpiece like the original, but pretty good.

kuevyubh | June 16, 2011 | Review of Deus Ex Invisible War - PC

dues ex 1 was one of the best games that i ever played, it had a great story, great non-linear gameplay, great soundtrack, and also a cyber-punk setting which i really liked. dues ex 2, feels like a "light" version of dues ex 1, the story is actually the strong point of 2, and while its not as good as 1, but its pretty close, you will need to play dues ex 1 to understand the story of dues ex 2, and to really enjoy and appreciate it. deus ex 2 main problem is the gameplay, actually its not really a problem, its just that the gameplay of the original deus ex was far superior, there are less options in which you could approach a situation, mainly because the environments are more linear, the dialog choices are just worse(again not bad, but worse then 1), and the game is just more linear, like a lite version of 1. also all the endings kinda sucked, and the cyber funk setting seems more like a fantasy now(which for a game like this, is less attractive, in my opinion). overall, its still dues ex, and its a good-great game, far worse then the original, but anyone that play dues ex 1 will enjoy this.


medicore game collection from a fantastic console

kuevyubh | May 28, 2011 | Review of Dreamcast Collection - PC

ill start by saying that the dreamcast is one of my favorite consoles, and for this collection is so-so, it has sonic adventure dx which is a great game, space channel 5 which is also great, crazy taxi which is pretty good, but wont hold up for a long time, since its an arcade game and theres no real point to the game, and sega bass fishing which i think is boring. Dont get me wrong i still think that this collection is worth the money, its just that they could have picked better games. anyway, like i said, this collection has the following games- sonic adventure dx- which is one of the only few good sonic 3D games, its fun, fast, the story is silly and makes no sense but the gameplay is pure fun like the 2D sonic games(at least the parts where you actually "play" and not "explore", but its ok since the fun parts consists most of the game), there are some annoying platform sequences but its not that bad, overall this game is really fun. space channel 5- you will either love or hate this game, i love it, its a "music" game but it feels like an adventure, its weird, in a good way, with funny characters, just a fun game to play. crazy taxi- an arcade driving game, this game is really fun when you first play it, its fast, the gameplay is good, but there is not enough content to the game, there is a limit to how much you can take passengers from place to place, and complete challenges with no point what so ever, after a small time, you will only come back to this game for small plays. sega bass fishing- its a fishing game, they tried to make it fun by going for an arcade style, but its still a fishing game and is boring and in my opinion pointless to play, some people love it, i dont, might be better if you play this game with a group of friends. in conclusion, its a decent collection, i think sonic and space channel alone are worth the price, and crazy taxi is a "extra", might be better off to pick those games separately.


the best the gensis has to offer.

kuevyubh | May 26, 2011 | Review of Streets of Rage 2 - PC

this is by far the best beat 'em up that i have ever played, in SOR2(streets of rage 2), you get to choose from 4 characters, axel, blaze, skate and max(with 1 extra secret character), the game plays like a standard beat 'em up, but it does everything extremely well. the gameplay is fluid, there are lots of enemy types, the combat is fast paced, there are a lot of cool bosses, and a pretty good combo range for a beat 'em up. now, combine that with one of the best soundtracks ever made(if your an electro music fan, your in for a threat), and a fantastic art design, along with a good difficulty level, and you got what is in my opinion the best beat 'em up ever, it plays very well even today, i really cant think of any better game in this category, really a must buy for any nostalgic fan, beat 'em up fan, or any oldschool gamer who might have missed it.


Under-rated gem

kuevyubh | May 25, 2011 | Review of Comix Zone - PC

this is one of the best sega gensis games, for some reason the game went on being forgotten, and many people missed it. this is an old-school beat-em up, one of the best ones ever, you got basic combos, the ability so use items, such as bombs, knives and even rats to solve puzzles, the combat is pretty deep for a beat-em up, and actually resembles a fighting game a bit. the game is pretty short, but its also hard and the enemies are brutal, you will have to get good at the game, this is not a button masher, so it will take you time to finish it, also i should mention that if you die, you start from the beginning of the game... the graphics are top-notch gensis graphics, and the fantastic art style and game design make the game look awesome even today, and a blast to play. buy it, you wont regret.


one of the best MMOrpg'S out there

kuevyubh | May 23, 2011 | Review of Rift Digital Collectors Edition - PC

Many people compare this game to WOW, and while its true that rift is similar to WOW, its doesn't mean this is a bad game, on the contrary, this game is in my opinion one of the more polished and "ready to go" MMORPG'S ever released. this game offers alot of contact, quests, unique skill system, that basically lets you pick from huge number of skills, and then change it at any given point, also there are alot of "raid" like dungeons that you can go with a party, and kill bosses and such, also this game has something called RIFTS, basically, when you see a RIFT, the sky opens up and monsters come out of it, and it order to close it, you need to kill them and the bosses the come out of it, the rifts are random, and they make the world very dynamic. from the graphics aspect, they are beautiful, very colorful, and the art design is the fantastic. pvp wise, the game is also pretty balanced, since you can manage with all 4 classes, of course there are balance issues that needs to be looked into, but overall its not that bad. overall, its a great game, i defiantly recommend.