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Really intense, scary but not as others

kurtjc | Nov. 28, 2013 | Review of F.E.A.R

This game is a good FPS. Enemies are not like zombies, they make you take it seriously, but ok, we have Bullet Time for fighting them. I like too much Bullet Time, its visual effect is really well done (keep in mind that this game is about 8 years old.

About the scary part. Yes, sometimes it's really scary. It's just on some points of the game, not on the whole path, but it's like those drops of hot sauce you add to a very tasty dish.

So on one hand we have action (really improved by Bullet Time), and on the other hand we have terror. Yes, they mix very well. And added to this, it comes with 2 expansion, you have lot of hours for playing (and also you can adquire later the FEAR 2 and FEAR 3 sequels).

As I am not an intense gamer, and I don't play too many titles, I can include this one in my top 15 games I've ever played. Consider buying it.