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XCOM: Enemy Unknown

kynzburn | Sept. 7, 2013 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown Overflow - PC

A call back to the Classic XCOM games to which, from this day, I still play (e.g Terror from the deep). I can say some features from the classics didn't carry over to this one which deeply disappointed me (full customization, base defenses which i love, free aiming *but the ordinance has it* ) the gameplay has been given an overhaul, updated and streamlined for modern gamers to adapt while staying faithful to the original game. Your units can only do 2 IMPORTANT actions from which you have to think and bear the consequences for your orders. They also limited your squad to 6 making your squad that much important. also applying class-based units, although weapons are limited by their class, it will make you think which kind or what loadout will your team be composed of. The customization as i pointed out earlier was limited, but giving your units their own names, or your friends name makes you much more attached to them adding to the immersion that the previous XCOM games had. The game has 4 difficulty to which you can adjust to your discretion; easy, normal, classic, and impossible. I recommend going for the Classic, as it will give you the feel of how the old XCOM games was. there is also the ironman mode that disables saves, but activates an autosave feature that saves your progress at every turn so you have to make sure that you know what the hell you just did. The XCOM base and mission selection is what makes up a part of your strategical thinking inside the game. selecting your research priorities, building new equipments to be on-par or to have the advantage over your Alien adversaries. Deploy satellites, stationing interceptors, and making the decision to which will your skyranger will respond to adding more urgency and importance to your decisions. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a well-rounded Turn-Based Strategy game, to which the veterans of the old game will appreciate and a warm welcome to players picking it up for the first time.