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A rather weird game, but also quite amusing.

lambert002 | June 18, 2013 | Review of Bloody Good Time - PC

First of all it's a game designed entirely around multiplayer and there is no singleplayer (except playing against computer controlled opponents) to be had. That said, it's an interesting and almost comical take on the classic deathmatch. You choose one of several wacky characters and try to kill the others with the equally crazy weapons - everything from syringes and axes to flame-throwers and sniper-rifles. Doesn't seem that different, but wait - there's more! You have defensive gear like holograms, sheep that put you to sleep or a glue-gun to stick enemies in place. You can use video cameras to steal stars from others and you always have to keep your four vitals (food, sleep, lavatory and health) topped. Okay, let me explain. To refill these you have to sit down and eat, get some sleep, go powder your nose or use a first aid kit. But doing so leaves you vulnerable to others coming up on you. But failing to do it will make you slow and vulnerable in other ways. Oh, and the guards! You can't just simply go around killing everyone as there are guards that if you are caught brings a negative score to you. Now lastly, the score. I mentioned that guards give you a negative and that with a camera you can steal some of others. Your score is measured in stars and the one with the most stars win. So, is this game worth getting? For a short fun time with friends at a LAN I'd say yes, but there aren't really any online servers nor anyone playing it as of now. And playing against bots is only goes so far. But, it's an interesting and crazy idea that deserves a little bit of your attention - but no more.