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Awesome Follow Up from Original Game

lavafire | July 11, 2013 | Review of Company of Heroes 2 Digital Collectors Edition - PC

If you ever played Company of Heroes 1, you will realise that the game gets a bit repetitive after awhile. Rush to expand, build mg nests, hold out for tanks. Well, not in CoH 2. CoH 2 has been re-designed to make every unit more easily killable and they revamped the commander points system too, which can be further buffed with " achievements " called bulletins. These bulletins can then chosen to give your forces a boost, up to a maximum of 3 bulletins. While not being game changing like in CoH's Nazi V1 or mass building british artillery, these bulletins often decide which way a tight battle turns. You will find that CoH 2 is much more intense, and more often than not, find yourself at the edge of your seat as you plan, scheme and try to outwit your opponents tactically. Yes, you've read correctly. Tactically !! Unless most RTS games like C&C or even Star Craft 2, just because you have superior units does not mean that you will win. Moving tactically, flanking and communicating with your allies are much more important and contribute to the fun. If multiplayer isn't your cup of tea, the campaign and single player achievement missions will whet your appetite for gruesome battles and tactical battles. The AI are now much smarter, and will not hesitate to over run you with just infantry when the chances arises, All in all, a fantastic game. Definitely a game worth getting if you are looking to invest a game for the summer or winter.