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A good, competitive update to the CS series

legots | April 23, 2014 | Review of Counter Strike Global Offensive - PC

First things off, All the screenshots (on GMG, half of them on Steam) are from the beta from 2012, so keep in mind the game looks better now than it used to, with updated weapon models, lighting etc. Excellent multiplayer shooter, a good successor to the old CS games (of which I haven't played a lot really) but if you don't enjoy the classic defuse / hostage modes (which have each been tweaked and changed for the better in my opinion) you can always play the easy to pick up, more casual style Team Deathmatch, Demolition, and Arms Race modes too! It's great casually and competitively and the new matchmaking system means that you will always be put into a game with people of your skill level (in competitive modes). This is determined by the new ranking system that they also added, which levels up on a number of factors, but mainly how many competitive games you have won vs. how many you lost. The classic maps have been updated as well as some community maps being available for limited amounts of time in frequent 'Operations' that require the one-time purchase of a pass to have the maps available for you and anyone you wish to invite to your lobbies / games until the end of the 'Operation' (Can be compared somewhat to Call of Duty map packs). There have also been recent updates including the return of two CT-exclusive silenced weapons from the previous games, and lots and lots of cosmetic weapon skins and stickers (which can be placed on weapons; both from Valve, and more recently the Community Workshop), which can either be found in random drops during gameplay, or by unboxing TF2-style loot crates, where you can also find rarer versions of the reskins (called StatTrak weapons) which count the number of kills you perform with that weapon physically on the model. tl;dr: A good competitive and casual FPS that is a well-executed update to the old CS games, adding lots of new content and is constantly being updated On a slightly unrelated note, the weapon skins utilise a fairly in-depth wear and tear simulation process, in-depth enough that almost every gun is unique in its wear and tear, which is very interesting, and gets bonus points from me!


Excellent and immersive, with no actual problems

legots | April 14, 2014 | Review of Thief Steam - PC

This game was a heck of a lot of fun to play, with its amazing atmosphere (reminded me of Dishonored, with the dark, gloomy, and generally unpleasant feel of the city), exciting combat, and sometimes even quite scary moments. I think the stealth mechanics were great, such as jumping from shadow to shadow in order to avoid guards, pickpocketing them from behind when they aren't looking, and the level design, which is great, (and with enough game-time I think I would probably know the game map better than my own town's layout!). I think overall it's a quite solid game. In my opinion the only real flaws to the game was the plot, seeming a bit random to me (although it may have been my fault for not really paying attention), but really the rest of the game makes up for the lack of storyline (and wow does it look pretty), and to me the over-abundance of weaponry, as I felt I was only really using a few of the well-sized arsenal of gadgets and arrow-tips that I could use.