Reviews by lehemake


The Best DLC so far

lehemake | May 31, 2013 | Review of Painkiller Hell Damnation Operation Zombie Bunker DLC - PC

This 3rd DLC, a zombie army themed mini-campaign, consists of two reworked maps and an entirely new map, The Bunker, which gives a nice challenge and feels like an original map. The Farm 51 has done a good work though there are some minor bugs and the Military Base map could have been reworked better, at least graphically. There's a lot to kill and the maps are large enough including many secrets. The new armor regeneration tarot card is useful but not as good as health stealer card from DLC2. The new melee weapon "morgenstern" is very powerful but using it tends to be suicidal at higher difficulties. There's a good amount of playing time especially if you want to find every secret. I recommend this DLC to any fan of PKHD!


Casual Fun

lehemake | May 9, 2013 | Review of Dishonored Dunwall City Trials - PC

This DLC adds 10 puzzling challenges to the game offering different stealth, speed and fighting type missions. These have nothing to do with the main story but gives you ability to test your skills and compete with other players in online leaderboards. Most settings are small floating islands and you can fail by falling into the void. Usually challenges are short in time so restarting over and over won't get you frustrated. High scores need perfect performance, obviously. Recommended for fans of arcade gaming.


Hi-Def & Co-op

lehemake | May 8, 2013 | Review of Painkiller Hell Damnation - PC

I really liked the original Painkiller game and its expansion Battle Out Of Hell. Fast paced, crazy, gory shooter like Doom and Quake were in old days. There are challenging secrets to find and a tarot card system which gives nice boosts. This remake is a mixed bag. Main improvements consists of shiny Unreal Engine 3 graphics and two player co-op mode. Also comes with lots of steam achievements to hunt. Sadly, there aren't much levels to play though more comes with DLCs. Co-op is welcome addition but has some frustating issues. Tarot cards cannot be used and unlocked. There's no location indicator for you partner. After dying you must wait some time to respawn but if you both get killed you must start level from the beginning. However playing with friend is a fun experience. Not recommended for die hard single player fans of original Painkiller but its ok new players and those who want to try co-op.


Has its moments

lehemake | April 30, 2013 | Review of Alan Wake - PC

Alan Wake is a 3rd person view action-horror game with a spooky story. Famous writer fights its way against the Darkness to save his kidnapped wife in little town of Bright Falls. The main story has 6 cinematic style episodes and two bonus episodes continuing story. There's about 12-15 hours of gameplay (which was enough for me). First episodes are somewhat dull and repetitive - running through woods and killing enemies. The scenery offers boring trees and rocky paths at the beginning but later episodes give more variety and different places around Bright Falls and bonus episodes are insane remixes of main story and thus fun, interesting level design. The game has (too) much fighting with enemies. Besides the most important "weapon", flashlight, Alan can use guns and flash grenades. Pointing flashlight toward enemies and then shooting them is the way to survive against ambushes of "the taken". Also keeping distance and dodging attacks are important maneuvers to do. And there are no melee weapons, regrettably. Enemies tend to spawn when the darkness lands and sometimes its better to ignore mobs and run towards light (usually checkpoint) than waste time by fighting. Exploration isn't very inspiring at this game because the level design is very linear and all you may find is some collectible coffee thermoses or ammo stashes which maybe needed but getting those usually tend spawn some enemies nearby. NPCs are well done in game. Their dialogue is usually good, even funny and they can defend themselves at action sequences so you don't have worry about stupid AIs. Usually graphics and audio are well done so the atmosphere is fine during the game but the cinematic scenes are blurry and outdated that could have been much better looking just rendering by the game's own graphics engine. Recommended bargain buy.