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A copy of LA Noir ?

leoleelok | Sept. 25, 2012 | Review of The Testament of Sherlock Holmes - PC

If you really really like LA Noir then you would like this game as well. Given the fact that both of them are detective games, similar style. Graphics: Are ok. You don't expect Crysis II-alike graphics to feature in this game. but I would say decent graphics here. Fun: Yes, it's a fun and interesting to play with. The gaming experience is not too long though. maybe 10 for experienced player, like if you always play those i-phone detective game.


I expect a better graphic performance for this game

leoleelok | Sept. 25, 2012 | Review of Dungeon Lords MMXII - PC

Graphics: I am actually quite let down by the graphics of this game. I don't ask for the kind of graphics that Crysis 2 offers. However, I do expect similar performance to games like Sleeping Dog or Borderland 2. You know, it's already 2012. The graphics of the game gotta catch up with the standard. Gameplay: the same collection system for all action rpg game i think. Allowing you to collect a list of things so to better equip your character. Though I think people nowadays get bored with collection pretty quickly. (at least for me) Multiplayer: this feature actually save the game and extend the game experience hour considerably.


A very good one

leoleelok | Sept. 22, 2012 | Review of Borderlands 2 post - PC

Overall I dunno why but it looks like an mmorpg to me. I didn't mean the game is bad. But when a FPS game gives you a damge per hit. It certainly looks like a MMORPG for me. However, once you started playing the game, you will be loving it. Upgrades are available, the graphics are cute and special. like we are in a ''comic world''. Controls Controls are easy and not complicated. If you have played a few FPS game, say like call of duty , you don't need much time to adapt to it. Easy control doesn't mean easy game. The game still has its challenging moments for some occasion. Graphics My computer cant run the game at the highest quality, but its already pretty good here. And would someone else comment on this? Conclusion: BUY IT


Somehow it's like angry bird, but put it in better graphics ;)

leoleelok | Sept. 21, 2012 | Review of Worms Revolution - PC

Gameplay If you love angry bird, you will love this game. The gameplay is simple, the only goal of the game is to eliminate all the enemy worms. However, there are some items you can use along your game. It will be fun. Graphics U can treat this game as an improved version of Angry Bird. It's a 2D game but there are some 3D graphic effects, which you will enjoy seeing them, and it add some little more fun to the game. Overall A nice game to spend time with. Though the price of it is a little bit expensive. And you can customize your team of worm as much as you like, again, this adds some extra funs to the game.


Is it Starcraft @india ????

leoleelok | Sept. 14, 2012 | Review of Tryst - PC

Graphics Ummmm,,, it's okay. More or less similiar to Starcraft in terms of quality and style. Actually, the game keeps reminding me of Starcraft. Gameplay The most important component in a review. I do not know how to put it. But it's like the game is copying from Warhammer and Starcraft. You feel familiar with it. As an RTS game, it does offer a wide of range of units for you to build, and there's enough different types of unit to make you study through it. Style To be honest, the background is set in the future world, which I believe is no longer a big selling point, as it is taken up by quite a lot of RTS game already. If i wanna play a RTS game, I just wouldn't choose this game. As I want to see more originality from it


A great Medieval Multiplayer action game

leoleelok | Sept. 14, 2012 | Review of War of the Roses Digital Deluxe Edition - PC

Overall If you like Mount and Blade, you gotta fall in love with game. Maybe there is a lack of MOD at the moment, but it won't let you down. The game creates a medieval world for you to explore, the atmosphere it creates is elegant, but every fight you have is gonna be nasty. The controls are okay, if you have experience in playing action games you have no trouble in adapting to it. So don't worry, give it a go. I don't understand why people in some other game reviews (not here) complains about the graphics. For me, it looks pretty great.


Is it an IOS game ? Gotta do better than this

leoleelok | Sept. 14, 2012 | Review of War of the Human Tanks - PC

Overall BAD. Not the kind of game I imagined. Though I am from Asia, and I still think the style of the graphics kinda turn me off. Most (if not all) army units are in the form of ''cute' little'' girls, I found it kinda strange during my walkthrough of the game. Time of gaming The time of gaming is okay, given you can replay the battle again and again. But for me, I spent like 4 hours and ..... it's done. Sound effects All sound effects are way too ''cute''. If you love japanese animation, you might love it, but I don't particularly like this style of sound effects. Graphics Bad. An ios game might do better than that. I understand that the game based more on the usage of strategy. However, it's already 2012, and a game on PC, asking for money should do much better than that. If this is just a flash game, it's okay. BUT, dude, you are marketing it with a price. And the quality of graphics need a meet the standard.


Secret File 3 - can it beat the 2 generation?

leoleelok | Sept. 14, 2012 | Review of Secret Files 3 - PC

Overall A- As an AVG type of game, it is important to put special focus on the atmosphere it creates throughout the game, otherwise, why don't you just go for Diablo III? And Secret File 3 does a good job here, creating a feeling of myth throughout the game, stimulating player's imagination and thought to solve all the puzzle. Good puzzles and myths, pretty good garphics and average sound effect. But it does an amazing job here. I would say... it's better than generation 2. UI Easy, you can finish the whole game without encountering any difficulty in control and things like that. You will never have troubles with the system UI. Easy to understand, easy to use, and extremely user friendly Sound effects Average, not a game that you will remember after years. I mean, you still remember the music and sound effect of Diablo II throughout the year, but this game, it's just average. To be fair, it still does a pretty good job. Graphics What to expect with a AVG game? The focus of the game in on solving difficult problems and myth. For me, the graphics are pretty good already. No complaint on that.


NICE TRY: GTA happening at the east

leoleelok | Aug. 25, 2012 | Review of Sleeping Dogs - PC

Graphics & optimization NOT BAD. The graphics would be better, given it's a game in 2012, I am not saying it has to be like crysis or what, but the graphics is just... OKAY. Nothing surpises me, but I would like to give credits to the optimization, my brother's old PC would run it smoothly. (Core 2 duo+2gb ram+ Nvidia 8800GT) Gameplay I lover the combat system, you can do some chain action on yr enemy and it makes the game a lot more fun. However, the mouse + keyboard control is a bit weird, as you can't always aim accurately with your mouse. My brother said a xbox360 controller would solve it out though. As a sandbox game, it's a big failure for not being able to change how your character's hairstyle or things like that. The only thing you can change is the clothing of your character, though the game gives you a wide range of choice and some of the outfits are so AMAZING. Overall Stortline is a bit too short. Basically, experienced gamer would only spend 10 hours on its main story. 20 hours and you will finish all collectables of the game. One last thing, I would say the game doesn't disappoint me. I am a game reviewer from HK, and as the plot is HK, I would love to tell you that.... if you think HK looks exactly like the ''HK'' at sleeping dog, you are making a huge mistake.


A real challenge to WOW

leoleelok | Aug. 25, 2012 | Review of Guild Wars 2 Digital Edition NA (1) - PC

Graphics (ALL HIGH) Graphics mean a lot to a gamer like me, and I think we all want a beautiful game. The graphics of the game is above average MMORPG. However, it doesn't mean it is perfect, and ordinary people would have guessed that once they saw the min. requirement of the game. One thing you can notice is that... when you move a character, it is more like ice skating but not running. Sound effect Bit disappointed with the sound effect like magic and combat sound. During my gameplay experience, the sound effect of a Earth Magic sounds pretty stupid to me. Though when I started as a ranger, the combat sound is al right. System & Game Play More than excellent. The system including crafting and combat is great, but would need more time to see it through. Overall I would say... if you like AION or WOW, u will like Guild War II