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Amazing game

lexf | Aug. 2, 2013 | Review of To The Moon - PC

“To The Moon” was made by small indie game studio “Freebird Games” and designed using the “RPG Maker XP” engine, so game have old school 2D 16-bit graphics. Gameplay is simple but, in my opinion, it’s not so important when there is a wonderful and very emotional story. Story is really well made. I experienced a bunch of different emotions during the game. Game keeps you inside the story and doesn’t let go until the end and it’s great. Game soundtrack is amazing. Every track are like a part of story. And jokes, they are really smart and funny. You definitely must play this game.


Nice game.

lexf | June 17, 2013 | Review of Costume Quest - PC

Costume quest is very nice game. It’s Halloween and two kids, brother and sister, are going to trick-or-treat neighborhood, but one of them gets kidnapped. You are going to find your sibling and save from evil monsters by means of powerful costumes. Each costume has unique abilities and attacks and can be strengthened with special “battle stamps”, which you can find during the game. Games plot is interesting and has a lot of good jokes and funny moments. Fights with monsters are fun and simple but at the end of game, when you unlocked all costumes, become little bit boring. I liked graphics and game visual style. If you are looking for fun, relaxing quest, this is right choice.