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One of the better 4x games to date

lightfellow | July 12, 2012 | Review of Endless Space Emperor Edition - PC

Endless Space is an absolutely stunning 4x space game. Unlike its closest competition (Sins of the Solar Empire), this game focuses less on the individual unit control and battles but offers a more deep research tree and development of colonies and ships. Alot of attention has been put into the balancing of research and development options to make them very balanced and deciding which path to select first a real (fun) challenge. This said, the space battles are still existent and fun. There is no control over movements of troops during battle phases like in many other games. The entire phase has been replaced by a card system, where each player picks out a single card action per each 1 of 3 parts of the battle, like a very complex rock paper scissors. It is still fun but does take some of the complexity out of battles. The game makes up for this however with the ability to customize your ships to your liking. This means the battle is more decided on how you choose to outfit your ships than ever before. A player must plan ahead based on what types of weapons and shields an opponent has, and locate resources, research, and develop the corresponding weapons and shields to counter that. As to if the emperor edition is worth the extra $5, I would personally say yes. You do get a nice skin and also extra Hero and some online bonuses. I would also show some appreciation to this small developer for creating such a nice game. So in conclusion, if you are a fan of games such as Sins of the Solar Empire, or other 4x games definitely worth taking a look. A nice small jewel that you should not pass up.


Endless Sandbox Action

lightfellow | June 23, 2012 | Review of Mount and Blade Collection - PC

Mount and Blade provides endless hours of fun with sandbox and multiplayer action. Warband tailors to those who enjoy medieval combat, while Fire and Sword is for those who enjoy a more Napoleonic feel with rifles and pistols. Although vanilla Calradia is made obsolete by the 2 other games, each game has a large mod community which provides each with unique interesting mods such as better graphics or realistic and historical units. Multiplayer for this game is still pretty alive with many full servers every day. There are drawbacks of this game being very hardware intensive depending on what graphical options and mods are used. Be sure to tweak these options to give you the performance you want. This game is a must get especially for those who want to get a closer personal version of games like the Total War series.


Fun, but fails to stand out

lightfellow | Nov. 5, 2011 | Review of Hard Reset - PC

I have to admit Hard Reset is a fun first person shooter. The graphics look nice, the models are pretty unique and you can tell a lot of thought and time was put into the levels and the engine itself. Considering the creator's previous works (bulletstorm and sniper), Hard Reset is a giant step in the right direction. The only issue this game really has is that it is trying to compete in the highly saturated genre that is FPS. Although fun, there are already too many games out there already that allow you to shoot things and blow everything up. The lack of multi-player support meant that this game will have to rely heavily on its story. Unfortunately, it's choice of setting and story also failed to shine as games like Deus Ex : Human Revolution dominated the dark sci-fi gaming genre. Had this game been released a few years earlier, it would have been a really great buy. Sadly with all the other amazing games that have come out recently, there really is no reason for this game to be anywhere near the top of anyone's 'to buy' list. However if you already have all the great FPS games already and you just want a fun short game to pass the time, give Hard Reset a shot.


unnecessarily gory

lightfellow | Oct. 16, 2011 | Review of Manhunt - PC

From the same makers of the GTA series, you would already expect some unnecessary violence. What makes it different is the amount of detail put into the gore. With blood spraying everywhere, the sounds of others choking on their own blood, and the interactive execution sequences which make you emulate the actions with your mouse really puts into question if this game is crossing the line. That aside, the game still produces a very thrilling story that will keep you on the edge of your chair. The killings however get very repetitive. You will find yourself using the same few extremely gory executions on your victims and this game loses its novelty fast. Overall it is a mediocre action game that relied too much on its excessive gore to carry it. It has zero replay value, and its first play through will entirely depend on your tolerance on repetitive gore.


A More Beginner Friendly Civ Entry

lightfellow | Oct. 10, 2011 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V Game of the Year Edition - PC

This game is another great entry to the Civ series. The gameplay and objectives are still the same. It is a turned based board-game styled strategy game where your goal is to build up your nation and conquer the world via military and/or diplomatic means. There hasn't been too much change compared to the older series, except I feel that the game has been made easier a bit perhaps to allow for a larger target audience. It is still very enjoyable and odds are you will get your money's worth in terms of hours to price. I have spent countless nights up playing this game because it is just very addictive. All the mods are already included in this edition to give you even more hours of gameplay, and if that is not enough there are also mods available by the community. If you are a fan of the series, or just someone who loves strategy games this is a must get.



lightfellow | Oct. 9, 2011 | Review of Borderlands Game of the Year Edition - PC

Borderlands mixes the genres of FPS and multiplayer RPG, and the result was pretty decent. It plays like a arcade shooter, with over the top guns and explosions and of course, excessive gore. What it did to stand out over other arcade shooters is it added RPG elements into the game. It has character levels, and skill levels like in RPGs which adds the immersion. Like all RPGs it also has items with different stats as random drops. Overall these add up to a very fun experience, but it also gets boring over time unless played with a friend in co-op. This GOTY edition is a great bundle as it will add countless hours to your game with quests and items. A good game to get until the 2nd one comes out.


Another Great Entry To The Series

lightfellow | Sept. 29, 2011 | Review of Railwork 3 Train Simulator 2012 Deluxe Edition - PC

This is a great game, but a niche game. You drive many different trains through many different routes, and if that sounds boring to you, then this is not your game. However if that sounds interesting, or you are already a fan of the series or similar games like flight simulator then I would suggest this game. The graphics are wonderful and everything is painstakingly detailed. Different weather conditions, small details at the controls, everything has been done to make this experience as immersible as possible. This Deluxe Edition also includes the horseshoe curve route expansion. It is a great expansion, which normally costs a lot at full price, making this a great deal. The editor modes will keep you busy for a long time after you have finished all the premade content.


Great Expansion But Pricey At Full Price

lightfellow | Sept. 28, 2011 | Review of Railwork 2 Horseshoe Curve - PC

This is a great expansion for those of you who are interested in locomotives and TS2012. The route looks AMAZING. Lots of detail was put into making it as close to the actual route as possible. If you are familiar with the route already then you will probably enjoy it even more. The full price of $30 is a little expensive, but with the current price drop it is definitely a must buy. Or better yet, get the deluxe edition of Train Simulator 2012 which includes this if you don't have the original game yet.


A Step Back In The Right Direction For TW Series

lightfellow | Sept. 18, 2011 | Review of Total War Shogun 2 - PC

The Total War series has always been great games. It is a CIV styled game during build/movement phase, with a RTS style battle phase, however with alot more realism and complexity such as moral. The series has always tried to keep the games historically correct, making it a must have for people who are interested in the era (in this case the sengoku period). The online gaming is extremely fun as well. you get to customize your own general and your own troops, building up experience and bettering their capabilities. If you are a fan of the series already, this is a must have as they have fixed many of the issues revolving Empire and Napoleon like the balance, complexity, and hardware dependency.


Mediocre Version of Dungeon Keeper

lightfellow | Sept. 18, 2011 | Review of Dungeons The Dark Lord - PC

This game's idea was great. It is similar to the classic dungeon keeper series, where you build underground bases by digging through walls, designating areas for rooms of different functions. however the way the minions were handled in this game seemed to be the key breaking factor for the game. They are restricted to one certain area where you built their "homes", instead of roaming around your base in games like dungeon keeper. Overall the game is still decent, however similar games of the genre like dungeon keeper series and evil genius plays a lot better, at the cost of aged graphics.


One of the best WWII fps

lightfellow | Sept. 14, 2011 | Review of Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stalingrad - PC

This is a great WWII fps game, surpassing in many ways the 1st game. The work put into realism in this game really makes you feel immersed in the game. Another thing that this game seems to do better than others in is balancing. The maps and weapons don't give either team significant advantage over the other and keeps game play fair and fun. the graphics are amazing, although if you play on large maps with 64 players, you might need to lower the settings a little depending on your computer. The only reason I would not give it a perfect 100 is that spawn camping is still an issue, however it is for all fps games.