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The best bank robbing, meth cooking and drill fixing on there.

linguofu | Sept. 24, 2014 | Review of Payday 2 - PC

This game is a master piece developed by Overkill Software. This game offers a wide range of play style from run and gun into a bank or be a sneaky ninja stealth your way through your pay day. This game has 4 different skill trees from a supportive Master Mind; boosting your team's skill, survival ability and reviving team mates at a range by shouting "Get the F*** up". Or you might want to be a tanky gunner, using heavy weapons and carry extra ammo for your friends. If this doesn't please you, chose Ghost help you with your movement, bagging and open doors with your ECMs. Last skill tree is Tech, upgrading drill to improve their efficiency, setting up sentries and planting trip mines. Make and create your own personal mask with their awesome mask customization system.Mask is not the only thing you can modify, you can now also make each and every one weapon to fit your play style. This game is updated regularly and never forgotten by Overkill Software, so you don't have to worry about a game with out of date content. PS:This game is the best drill fixing, meth cooking,lock picking and bag bagging sim you can ever find on the market. I would 100% recommend this game for you and your friends! ... ... Why are you still reading this? Buy it now! And join the CrimeNet!


Great Story, but buggy

linguofu | July 6, 2013 | Review of Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City - PC

In single play, the AI were not so great in the fact that they don't know how to revive other knocked out team mate and rely on you to revive them while fighting. The AI sometime also get stuck in the lift which mean you will have to go solo. However this game have made a different impression on RE as this is base on a team of 4 which can be played with more friend and experience the game in other ways. But overall this game has a great story just the buggy AI sometime ruining the fun but this game is great when played with friends.