Reviews by lipfter


A game worth more than it costs

lipfter | Feb. 7, 2014 | Review of Counter Strike Source - PC

This game was and is really great and even now I sometimes play it with my friends. Im not that good at it but sometimes luck offers to help out a little in this game. New players have a better aim on the first tryes as strange as it can get, but it really does happen quite often that new players end up quite good for the first matches they try. Its a fun game which offers a good variety of guns and a good way to spend your free time unless you dislike action games. I didnt play this game much because it doesnt require teamwork, what I mean is one man could kill a whole team even if it was a game made out of two teams where one had one good player and the other one had more than ten players though not as good, in this game everything depends on your skill and the speed of your reaction. It a has a big variety of mods so you wont get bored of it the first day that I can assure. If you have friends who play Counter-Strike Source aswell, youll likely enjoy it more than an average player playing without any friends does.


Appealing to the eye and to the mind

lipfter | Feb. 7, 2014 | Review of Frozen Synapse Steam - PC

Frozen Synapse is a nice replica of virtual chess, everything is based by turns, so you could call it a TBS, yet this game has a unique way of showing TBS aspects. Two players meet each other in a battlefield where their soldiers are scattered around randomly, each player orders all of his units to move to any place on the map and turn on additional options, functions such as - "shoot on sight" or "stop on sight". The game requires luck, skill and anticipation. Graphics are really beatiful, they are not good but they are certainly detailed that they seem like they were really good and the effects in game are really quite appealing. In Frozen Synapse even a weak player could win against a good player if he would be lucky because weak players are sometimes unpredictable thats why its hard to play against them in this TBS game. The soldiers you are given are all different and do different things from sub-machine guns to bazookas or lazers. Worth buying.


Well worth the money

lipfter | Feb. 7, 2014 | Review of Dishonored Game of the Year Edition - PC

Dishonored is an amazing stealth/action game. Its a great game to start your adventures if you are unexperienced or experienced alike. Even the first touch of the game and its mechanics will bring most of the players to the point where it will be hard to quit and they will want to continue playing ignoring the fact that their eyes are starting to hurt. The story is involving and interesting from the first few steps you take in the plague-ravaged city of Dunwall. As you progress through your adventure as a royal bodyguard of the Empress you feel that the story becomes more deep and intense as it goes on and not only that the storyline makes you feel as if you were reliving Corvos life, you have the choices which will decide how the future game progresses and what will change in it. From a visual point of view, Dishonored truly showed originality and beauty in the fantastic, colorful and stunning enviroment graphics. Not only that the graphics were appealing and beautiful to the eye, but they were inspiring aswell. Bethesda is truly remarkable, making successful moves and gaining streaks of fanastic ratings aswell as creating masterpieces of art in a very nice fashion. You wont regret investing money in this masterpiece and if you love stealth games, this game is a must.