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Worth Purchasing just for the music and more

liquidsnake78 | May 29, 2014 | Review of Duck Tales Remastered - PC

Back when i owned a nes , i remember picking this game after listening to its awesome music . The game did not disappoint after that either. It is a solid platformer with great controls and variety loved the 8 bit graphics. So now how is this remake compared to that nostalgia ? well here are the Pros -maintains the same flow of the original game -similar and simplified controls -enhanced music and sound effects -Detailed story and easier gameplay Sadly there are things that limit this from being a killer remake they are Cons -no 8 bit mode , would have been nice to have it at least as a unlock, like some games do or even a button to switch between the new and old mode you can still unlock the 8 bit soundtrack -the story focus kinda slows the fast paced game Despite the shortcomings i would recommend buying the game , specially when on a good sale on greenmangaming


Excellent Tower defense game with retro style graphics

liquidsnake78 | April 16, 2014 | Review of Super Sanctum TD - PC

Sanctum 1 was a decent tower defense game but it kinda looked dull. Not many would spend a lot of time playing that game with that graphics. Coffee stain studios have understood the demand that tower defense games be simple and have cool pixel graphics that allows anyone to play their games. As a one off we get this Super sanctum TD [naming refers to classic naming of games in 8-16bit era] Now what sets this apart is that , it works great as a tower defense game yet its not that complex to set up your plan and start slaughtering the hoards. Back in the first game you had to move around in first person view to set the defense which was a pain and slow. This solves all that and just lets you place the defense and go with it. This is definitely worth the price , they also added steam card drops for this game , there are different kinds of towers , spells, skills that unlock as you progress . The challenge mode comes in the form of a mode with no limit of round you suggest have to survive as long as possible. The scores are compared with others which is a nice thing.i like they way they have gone with a different style with this game , hoping for more like this.


This is better than the main game

liquidsnake78 | Feb. 7, 2014 | Review of Grand Theft Auto Episodes from Liberty City Steam - PC

Gta 4 was no doubt a good fun game but it lacked many things the previous gta games offered and story was far boring than ever. This is where the episodes from liberty city enter in , making gta 4 more awesome then ever. these are not just some 10mins dlc like you see today they have a good story to play and a lot of improved mechanics in game. Most importantly good missions.Leaderboards too for each mission. This pack has both The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony expansions. Now for the bad part as you know the gta 4 pack is one of the worst releases on steam containing the soon to die GFWL + securom + rockstar social . As of now rockstar as not commented what they will do for gta 4 pack when gfwl is shutdown meaning which the game would be left broken or even removed from store . So do know what you are getting into while purchasing this, you can check the steam forums to see if anything has changed. i think its a good purchase on gmg at current sale and a nice game to play as well.


One of the coolest tower defense games i have played

liquidsnake78 | Feb. 10, 2013 | Review of Unstoppable Gorg - PC

We have all come across tower defense games in our gaming time usually they just involve defending and attacking to get a specific score kinda gets standard but here comes Unstoppable Gorg , its going to blow you away right from the start with its awesome classic story telling , takes right back to those days when the ufo theory was so hot you would stay glued to the TV or the papers to learn more. -The story is simply amazing , you will want to play a Tower defense game just for getting to know more about the story , very well done -The gameplay is amazing they kept the space concept simple and by god it works great , if you feel the game is easy some of the levels the difficulty gets brutal , love the orbits - The graphics are great i would have never expected this in a tower defense game , music fits in so well Ps: prepare to get shocked at game story end :) have fun and grab this game asap , please let there be a sequel


A must buy for the fans of vehicular combat games

liquidsnake78 | Nov. 24, 2012 | Review of Death Rally - PC

One of the best vehicular combat games on steam ,Although The controls are horrible so remap them before playing it , after a few races it should stabilize, the turning takes a bit of practice Grinding is fun in this game and required to understand the tracks as well as unlock weapons as well as new cars . once you have the missile and Deliverator , The real death rally begins and you start to win race and destroy the opponents easily. There a few bugs still , the game crashes after you defeat the final boss and the multiplayer is broken:( , i have requested the developers for fix no response yet. The game runs smoothly most of the times and sometimes stutters in the race. Sadly duke nukem is missing in this port :\ This game is worth it purchase it from gmg now since the price is low Fans of the Carmageddon series and older death rally fans will be happy


The best worms game since worms Armageddon

liquidsnake78 | Oct. 31, 2012 | Review of Worms Reloaded Game of the Year Edition - PC

I have been a huge fan of worms series right until Armageddon , the later 3d transition was horrible and ruined the series completely. I purchased this new game worms reloaded goty version on gmg on a awesome sale , i was shocked when i played it , the game reminded me of the classic Armageddon everything was almost there in this new game and it was 2d . I highly recommend purchasing the gmg version of worms reloaded goty , its got a ton of extra dlc content almost adding twice the amount of gameplay. Here are my pros and cons on the game pros: -2d :D this is how the worms game is meant to be played not 3d - brings back all the classic fun weapons such has holy grenade ,super sheep etc - simple and fun to use worms user interface , creating teams, editing sounds are a breeze - has both the the single player as well as multiplayer parts -tries to stick close to the well appreciated Armageddon mechanics which were close to prefect. -runs great on older systems Cons: - the base game has little content , it is highly recommended to get the goty version to grab all the dlcs -the multiplayer is broken , lots of disconnection issues and no cross multiplayer option to play those on mac I would still recommend this game over the newer worms revolution that's come out ,although a few more patches could fix the multiplayer issues in the game.


A lara croft game that's actually fun to play

liquidsnake78 | Oct. 31, 2012 | Review of Lara Croft And The Guardian of Light - PC

I never thought i would say that when it would come to lara croft games cause most of the games in the series are hard puzzle oriented action games that got on my nerves specially when the puzzles and the controls got too hard. Enter Lara croft and the guardian of light , this is not like the previous lara croft games , this one is played in a top down view and is much fast paced and easier to control lara croft than in other games. The new change that game brings in is the co-op mode , you can invite a friend and play the full game with them. The puzzles are back and this time they are very innovative and timed. So the game can be played in two ways (single and co-op) focusing on collecting all the stuff in the game as well as completing the puzzles and levels in before par time, some of the puzzles really are awesome when you tackle them with you co-op partner [such as him shooting sticks and lara using then to get to a higher platform] and the other way is the casual run using single and co-op play to just finish the game. The story is simple and lets you know how the game progresses , they have added a cool dlc mechanism where other dlc characters can be played instead of lara and the guardian. overall a huge thanks to crystal dynamics for reviving this series, game just blends in great to the other games of the series and yet it is fun. You also get a few dlc free on purchasing the game here on gmg, they are very cool and make the game more fun , you can purchase other puzzles on steam too. Highly recommended for those who have avoided the lara croft games for its rough controls and puzzles.


A hidden gem

liquidsnake78 | Oct. 31, 2012 | Review of The Lord of the Rings War in the North - PC

This game is truly a hidden gem that must be played, going by the review scores it might look like a bad rpg game but once you fire up the game you notice that it has a decent story, characters and good hack and slash mechanics. the co-op mode is simply awesome and its the way the game is meant to be played . The story might be a bit odd for those who are totally new to the lord of the rings series but its not too complex and sticks to within the game . the graphics look awesome, the game does not need very high requirements but for ati graphics i had a problem where faces would get messed up for some reason , still looking around for a fix. The game is much better compared to other games like dungeon seige 3 etc, and is worth buying and at least playing once in co-op


Fits in nicely among the men of war series

liquidsnake78 | Nov. 20, 2011 | Review of Men of War Red Tide - PC

Already having played 2 of the men of war series games, i was skeptical, how good this stand alone expansion would be.... The game takes us back the classic world war 2 era . The units and weapons are a huge improvements , the tanks are awesome :D.As i played the game saw that the graphics and detail are awesome. It very well gets the player in to the world war 2 atmosphere. Some of the problems with the game are controlling each unit and commanding them at every time gets a lot tough especially if you are under attack and sometimes the game becomes extremely difficult and one sided.I run out of ammunition many times have to be very calculative. There are 20 single player missions and will take a considerable amount of time to finish them all perfectly . The game sorely misses out on a great chance to have multi-player and co-op ,It kinda becomes a bit too stressful and very hard playing against the ai at any difficulty :( co-op would have helped but the graphics and atmosphere is great , highly recommended , if you are a fan of the men of war series.


A Great DLC :- contribute to japan as well as play

liquidsnake78 | Oct. 25, 2011 | Review of Magicka Nippon DLC - PC

The nippon dlc for magicka is pure awesome and cool, first it was released with the good objective that,the sales would go to the charity for the tragedy japan suffered. Secondly at 99 cents it offers a great value. As usual with all other dlc's of magicka, if you or any one of your friends has this dlc , then its shared between all of them. The dlc has the following content which adds to the game, 1 Kimono robe -costume for the character 1 Katana - "Yawarakai-Te" (cuts through armour) 1 Bamboo Staff - "Staff of Endurance" (resistance to all elements) My Detailed explanation:- 1)The kimono robe looks very cool, fans of the samurai will love to use it to customize their character, has an awesome HAT too. 2)Katana - one of the few weapons in the game that ignores armor stats on the monsters, its very quick, best to use in close encounters and pvp duels, The weapon becomes a bit hard to use when there is a huge mob and ranged enemies once you get the guns its hard to keep this weapon. 3)The bamboo Staff is the main strength of this pack, it offers great resistance to all elements which means ,Those nasty spell casting enemies in the game cant damage you much, works out well in pvp too, the other players will have tough time dealing elemental damage to you. So this dlc is highly recommended to purchase, wish it had a Japanese themed map/arena too.


charity + low price = an awesome dlc

liquidsnake78 | Oct. 20, 2011 | Review of Magicka Nippon DLC - PC

The dlc for magicka is pure awesome, first it was released with the motive that, The sales would go to the charity for the great tragedy japan suffered. Secondly at 99 cents it offers a great value. The nippon dlc for magicka contains the following addition to the base game 1 Kimono robe 1 Katana - "Yawarakai-Te" (cuts through armour) 1 Bamboo Staff - "Staff of Endurance" (resistance to all elements) 1)The kimono robe looks very cool, fans of the samurai will love to use it to customize their character. 2)Katana - one of the few weapons in the game that ingnores armor, very quick best to use in close encounters and pvp duels, The weapon becomes a bit hard to use when there is a huge mob and ranged enemies. 3)The bamboo Staff is the main strength of this dlc, it offers great resistance to all elements which means , Those nasty spell casting enemies in the game cant damage you much, works out well in pvp too.As the opponents are force to get close to hurt you, you can slice them apart with the Katana. Hoping for more japanese themed stuff for magicka soon. probably a map and some ancient quests.


another cool dlc for magicka

liquidsnake78 | Sept. 14, 2011 | Review of Magicka Wizards Survival Kit DLC - PC

The Wizard's Survival Kit was the pre order bonus dlc for pre purchasing the game. Its now being sold at a cheap price. Other than the name and as a part of dlc collection for magicka its usefulness is doubtful. The first item The Wizard Hat is a character model which looks ok with no benefits what so ever, The second item the sharp blade is only slightly better than the blunt sword but as soon as the tutorial is over, you will find better weapons, so its useless too.The third item the +1 staff er add one additional dmg to all spells....yeah pretty useless and replaced early in the game. The last item IS what makes this dlc worth buying, you get the Meteor Shower spell. This spell is AWESOME provided you know when to use it and shield when its used, it will destroy anything on the screen along with your buddies :D if they dont shield. The spell is what this dlc is all about. you can progress easily in the game if you can spam this spell safely. The other cool thing about any magicka dlc's is, if one of your friends owns a dlc and hosts the game, then all the players joining get the content for that game :D. At this low price its worth buying with no worries.


A must have DLC

liquidsnake78 | Sept. 7, 2011 | Review of Magicka Vietnam DLC - PC

Magikca vietnam is the First DLC which has a ton of new content. It introduces the two famous weapons of Vietnam war.... M16A1 and AK47, both are awesomely useful in the game, the dlc also has other weapons like rpg etc. Once this dlc is activated you can choose the GI Wizard robe model while in character selection , looks very cool and carries a Patriot Staff which launches grenades. The two challenges are great and provides great fun time when played online with other people. The new magick Napalm is very cool , which basically calls up a F-4 phantom to attack. The only negative about the dlc is that the price 4.99$ for a content worth a maximum of 1hr is debatable, but the dlc does its job of providing great fun to the base game and is worth purchasing.


an average game,could have been better ...

liquidsnake78 | Sept. 6, 2011 | Review of Woody TwoLegs Attack of the Zombie Pirates - PC

Woody Two-Legs is another game from nitro games, like their new game pirates of the black cove, this is one is related to pirates. the story, music and the concept is good but the clunky controls, lack of any details its just a screen which looks like water and a island and waves of enemies keep spawning. If you are looking for a pirate game there are much better games on greenmangaming just look at pics and video and the reviews and leave it there. Another poorly optimized game from paradox interactive there are not even enough options to make the game run smooth, very disappointed could have been better


Finally a co-op Tomb Raider game

liquidsnake78 | Sept. 5, 2011 | Review of Lara Croft And The Guardian of Light - PC

Although the tomb raider series had a great start, at some point of the game's release, they were frowned upon by gamers for complex gameplay, hard controls , glitches and bugs. Thanks to crystal dynamics the tomb raider series is back with a bang :D . This game is special cause now you have the thrill of adventure along with a buddy, the game has awesome co-op and achievements too. The controls are easy and the puzzles are interesting. At such a low price its a must buy and a must play for lara fans. Dlc's add more fun to the game, cant wait for the next tomb raider game :)


a must play for commandos series fans

liquidsnake78 | July 18, 2011 | Review of Men of War - PC

wow, this game is good, i was expecting this game to be another overblown hype war game but its damn good, men of war is a must play for all those old school fans of commandos series. Being a commandos fan myself i felt this game was very familiar, the graphics is smooth and the game plays out fast depending on the tactics you use. If you are into modern war games this game will feel a lot easier as you would already know the weakness/advantage of each unit. the missions are interesting some of them are really complex and hard, but once you get to know the flow of the game mechanics the game is very entertaining. Amazingly the multiplayer for this game is still alive but the length of time it would take to complete a clean game online would take hours which becomes a bit boring. So overall the game is great and bug-free compared to other games in the series, its worth playing.


The higher you go the more fun the game is

liquidsnake78 | July 8, 2011 | Review of Tower Bloxx - PC

tower bloxx, is a tower building game, as the blocks fall you have place them right to build mega towers,the game graphics are simple and smooth and the game is very easy to catch on once you get a hang of it, the best part is the split screen feature, which allows more players hence more fun, the game has got solid achievements and goals. rare to find such simple game with so much fun


a decent indie puzzle game

liquidsnake78 | June 27, 2011 | Review of Bob Came in Pieces - PC

Bob Came In Pieces is a decent indie puzzle game,reminds me a lot of trine.The concept is simple, help bob get to the portal as fast as possible, the graphics are average but the music is good as expected of a indie game. the game does feel a lot short,the replay factor depends on whether you want to beat the times to get gold or just finish the levels.The times are challenging and you can get stuck a lot of times, lucky that there are lots of videos on youtube to show, how to get the fastest times, its worth playing it for once at least and the price is decent too, although not much of a epic story.


Time to rebuild Rome again!

liquidsnake78 | May 26, 2011 | Review of Imperium Romanum Gold Edition - PC

Imperium Romanum is one among city building games based on Rome, it bears a striking similarity to games such as CivCity: Rome or the Caesar series.the only major deference is the visuals in Imperium Romanum are awesome, it follows the similar gameplay as the similar city building games, where you have to attain the objectives given by building a well connected, managed city. The biggest challenges in this game are building facilities for the citizens and looking after their demands, sometimes it consumes the entire time you play this game which makes replaying the level not that interesting. creating a army and waging war is very simplified and easy,the game is very engrossing with the visuals and provides a good challenge for those looking to lead rome. the only cons of this game are -difficult to mange the citizens and their needs -no multiplayer -other than the spectacular visuals, it offers nothing unique that the previous city building games based on rome had other than that its a good cheap game to have in your city building games collection.


good game,concept but lacks the shine

liquidsnake78 | May 24, 2011 | Review of Reign Conflict of Nations - PC

before i went into playing this game having read all the reviews, i was expecting it to be disappointing, but i was surprised the game's approach story-wise seemed to be good (medieval Europe), their idea of the game is ok too, the game does not feel that different than other real time strategy games, especially 1c's own kings bounty, having said that once you start playing the game, the lack of a simple ui , or decent smooth graphics is absent. This makes the game rather just normal, the ai has lots of problems, the heros the game claims so much are rather just extra strong soliders with nothing unique. The game can be very difficulty for those new into strategy games. other than the in game issues, the gameplay is normal nothing epic with the story as it progresses, i wish they had polished the game a bit more before releasing it, it would have surely become a classic. however for those with ample experience playing strategy games, this one will fit in nicely hope 1c releases some game fixes and patches for the game later.


lives up to the rating level of scary

liquidsnake78 | May 24, 2011 | Review of NecroVisioN Lost Company - PC

the fps reminds me of the good old blood and doom eras, at times the game can get a lot scary, the world war 1 setting is freaking scary, although not much to say about the story, its the typical fallen solider dreams story, the game endings depend on what difficulty you finish it, in overall its a ok fps game with scary elements in it, the ending of the game could have been better