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Great game

llothos | May 4, 2013 | Review of Sleeping Dogs Pack - PC

I have kept my eye on this game since it was released and it always looked "interesting" you know just another GTA clone.Well in a sense it kinda is or atleast in the same "genre" but the game has a much different feel to it. I think it's the hong Kong setting, the city is very much alive when your walking around and the landscape is quite beautiful, I had the sense that I was in a "real" city (well as real as a computer generated world can be). Heck there are even little "side" missions that you can get just by listening to your surroundings and paying attention, wittness someone getting mugged, purse stolen, vender roughed up. If you want to stop it feel free or just keep walking, there are of course the typical go from point a to point b, do something and come back. There is also a leveling system in the game where you can gain levels with the triad, police and face (your public image). During the course of your missions you will gain experience in each depending on what you do. Destroy a lot of public property and you will lose police but gain triad, fight really well and brutally you gain triad and face. Help those people getting mugged and you get police. There are various tiers where you get new abilities in each but I will let you figure those out by playing the game. The voice actinghas been great but they often switch between english and Chinese (or Cantonese or something i'm not exactly sure), specifically some of the swear words which isn't a bad thing but I have sub titles on which helps. The music and sound sounds great even if I can't understand the words for some of the songs or the general chatter going on around you. I did run into a couple of sound gliches so far where when I run I don't hear foot steps but if I walk I would and another is I was outside a night club and heard the muffled boom, boom, boom of the music outside and as soon as I opened the door and entered their lobby area the music went dead and then finally once I got in the club itself it started up again. The combat is great, a lot more focus on more hand to hand then gun play (at least so far anyway), if your a fan of the new batman games and it's combat style you'll likely like this ones.Some of the kills you can do are quite brutal as you can use the environment around you as well and do "finishing moves". See an air conditioning unit, slam there face into it's fan, use a hot stove and slam their face into it, drown someone in the toilet, the list goes on. I don't think they really go over the top with the kills, they seem what you would consider "realistic". Overall I am quite happy and would recommend this game to anyone who atleast likes this style of game anyway.