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Surpisingly Entertaining

lochnessw | Sept. 10, 2011 | Review of Dead Island - PC

After an embarassing launch where the development version of Dead Island was sent to players, many were sceptical of its quality. Gameplay videos showed an utter lack of polish and so I, like many, did not go into the game expecting much. It is true the player animations are pretty bad. Graphical fidelity is definitely not the game's strong point. The story isn't particulary gripping either, most players will skip most conversations to just receive their mission objectives and rush back into the action. Where Dead Island excels however is in the combat and open world exploration. Many items are scattered around the expansive Island scenery, weapons can be found and repaired or upgraded "Dead Rising" style to manufacture each player's unique arsenal. Players can run through single-player or group together with up to three others, with all items and abilities automatically transferring between both game modes seamlessly. Having a group of friends go through the game is definitely a bonus. However, Dead Island's combat will not satisfy those who desire a challenge. Like many zombie games players are ridiculously overpowered, engaging enemies unnecessarily will rarely have any real consequence and the ability to kick without any drain on your stamina certainly doesn't help the terrible lack of tension. All in all Dead Island is certainly an entertaining distraction which most players should get a kick out of. It's flawed and doesn't take many chances but the combat is satisfying and cooperative play can make all the difference.