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Feels like a casual game, a little empty

lolfang | Aug. 12, 2012 | Review of Worms Crazy Gold - PC

Well, after seeing the trailer, and being a golf game, I said "Yeah, this should be quite awesome". It managed to be pretty high on my wishlish, so when I saw it here on GMG cheapest than anywhere else, it was an instabuy. I started playing it against a friend, and the experience wasn't good. First, the game wouldn't start. It seems that the game has to be executed from the .exe, not from Steam. Then, the joystick support is a little limited and cumbersome. Well, the game itself is OK, not that good as I expected, mainly because I think most of the holes are uncreative. I though it was going to be more like several mini-golf courses, and besides you could use weapons. And only 5 types of map is a little boring. After all that, the game is playable, but I'd still not get your hopes high. This game could have been done much better, with more powers and better maps. I only hope this one gets a better sequel because I really love the concept, has so much potential.