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Great gunplay and co-op, but not scary!

lonelyjedi | July 23, 2011 | Review of FEAR 3 - PC

This game is loads of fun, whether you're playing as Fettel or Point Man. The gunplay and shooting mechanics are phenomenal and pretty much what we've come to expect from FEAR games. The co-op is great fun too, and requires some teamwork/tactical prowess. The point where this game fails is in the FEAR name. To be honest, it isn't very scary - at all. I have yet to try the other modes but the campaign on the hardest difficulty that I could play on only took my partner and I less than 5 hours to play through the campaign. Again, the FEAR factor was worthless, and it's super short, but great gunplay will get me to play the campaign again!


New MMO? Check. Worth your time? Definitely!

lonelyjedi | July 23, 2011 | Review of Rift - PC

So I've been playing this game since launch, and have been thoroughly enjoying it. It seems like I've played every one out there and this is like a breath of fresh air. Let me start out by saying this is not WoW, though it has similarities, it is not.The soul (or in other words) class system is what sets it apart, and the massively awesome PvP modes. The graphics are beautiful and with everything maxed requires a pretty beefy rig. If you're tired of WoW, or any other MMO, you owe it to yourself to check this one out! Especially for how cheap it is.