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Born Premature and Blind

lordvonfleck | Feb. 22, 2015 | Review of Caribbean - PC

I am a massive fan of the Mount & Blade series, and naval action games in general. So when this game was announced, it had my attention, big time! The idea of sailing those old ships-of-the-line across vast oceans, and traipsing through thick jungles in the Amazon, and heading in and walking around and taking in the sights of such famous Caribbean ports as, Tortuga, Panama, Port Royal, and checking out the drunken sailor nightlife in a variety of taverns, maybe do some wenching, etc... EXCITING! All of this and more promises by an ambitious developer who was lucky enough to get the rights to an amazing engine (M&B)! So... when I got it... WELL... it was only early-release alpha... you got to expect bare-bones to start with... Sailing was clunky and responds in a slightly contrived manner. The traveling map was only somewhat detailed, but offered navigation points, both small and large. The ports sights, were... NON-existent, they actually got rid of the immersive walk-about, and replaced it with a generic, one style fits all ports, unresponsive town map... and NO taverns, no wenching, basically minimal NPC interaction. That's okay, though, that's just Alpha, Early Release right? They got a lot of feedback, overwhelming even... bring back the towns, the sights, the immersion, etc (so common in even the smallest of and oldest of M&B games (and mods). So, we have official release coming now (in 2 days), and... everything is... about the same... except some areas are even more minimalized. DEVS say they will launch all the planned features later, after official release, that they will see how official release works, and get the bugs out, etc. SERIOUSLY? What was the alpha and beta testing for, if not to get the base game bugs out? Of course it was a great way to get paid for doing... very little. I've seen M&B (free) mods 10x more polished, and feature-filled than this "full game"... I am very dissapointed. The excuses are plenty, and the spin is abundant, but the polish and playability of the game is severely lacking for a standalone full game. I've rarely seen a company act with so little professionalism and plain-face justify their failures. You WILL get more game, more features, more optimisation, and better developer response from some of the amazing mods (and their teams), than from these people. VERDICT: My advice, save your money, and download some amazing free (M&B) mods with oceans more content and playability than this game. ... And maybe the DEVS will take note, and make good on the promised content, and make this worth... something...


Dungeon Keeper (the original) meets Austin Powers!

lordvonfleck | April 29, 2013 | Review of Evil Genius - PC

Dungeon Keeper (the original) meets Austin Powers! Truly an amazing game on so many levels (no pun intended). Ever wanted to be Dr Evil? Now you can, even look like him, his base... now just need to get Sharks with Fricking lasers on their heads! I recommend to all players wanting some truly "great" dungeon keeper action in a new setting, or just want to be an evil genius...