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Very bloody game :P

lordzed | Oct. 19, 2011 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

Super Meat Boy is hard. Absurdly hard. By removing any of the classic punishments for dying (except for spawning you back at the start of the level) and making controls as precise and responsive as possible, the game can get away with a level of frustration that beats even the hardest early 90ies Nintendo games (which this game quite obviously is a homage to). The game was invented by Edmund McMillen, one of the new big names in the indie games scene. And it is by far not his first game. His trademark dark, morbid humor, distinctive drawing style and love for unusual gameplay has fueled a variety of games so far, including his biggest previous commercial release, "Gish", and a variety of online Flash games ("Aether", "Time Fcuk" and, yes, even Meat Boy had his debut as a Flash game). He is the main reason I do not dismiss Flash games as casual time wasters any more (Time Fcuk is pretty mind-bending). Unfortunately, Super Meat Boy has very little of the sense for gameplay innovation found in McMillen's other games. This is a straight forward platformer. You can stick to walls a bit which allows a wider range of vertical "climbing" maneuvers and the individual levels surely explore the basic gameplay concept to the fullest (including various retro-styled side-missions and playable characters with additional abilities). But clearly, this game's appeal is the sheer amount of content and polish, not mind-bending originality. Which leaves me with my biggest gripe: The only reason to play SMB is the "challenge". You can brag to your friends that you beat level X at speed Y... you see a charmingly animated cut-scene of Meat Boy saving Bandage Girl from Dr Fetus (I don't know what's going on in McMillen's horribly twisted brain either, but the result is clearly fantastic). But in the end, it's just finger-spasm inducing jump timing and screaming expletives at the screen. At one point, after trying a level for what seemed like literally 100 times, I asked myself: "Why am I doing this to me?" It got awfully repetitive. It was neither fun nor fulfilling. And it was essentially the same gameplay I experienced on the SNES 20 years ago, just with the polish of decades of fine-tuning. I also feel like mentioning that it is one of those XBLA ports that make you feel like a second-rate customer on the PC, for no apparent reason. A splash screen reminds you that you're an idiot if you don't use your XBOCKS(r) official gaming controller(tm), to add insult to injury, in McMillen's typical, trollish tone. Which, in return, seems to just be an excuse for originally not even having an option to adjust keyboard controls or use the mouse in the menu (the controls customization has since been patched, but some things, like the menu, still feel weird). It's not like the game uses any fancy controller-specific features like analog precision or a myriad of buttons (ironically, the XBox controller is infamous for its horrible digi-pad). SMB shares this with a ton of other games, lately, and you have to wonder why the console version is always treated as the gold standard when, in times of Steam, the PC version should compete nicely in terms of sales and audience reach. SMB surely is an intriguing game but not for the reasons I'd hope in a modern day platformer. Compared to other indie game 2D super stars like Braid, it feels a little uninspired. It's the charming graphics, excellent soundtrack and, well, my support for the indie scene in general that makes me like the game nevertheless. But it's not quite the must-have game some make it out to be. To truly love SMB, you have to be part of a rather specific hardcore niche that likes games for the "challenge" rather than complexity. For the not-so-humble price (for indie games standards), I'd say you should make sure you know clearly what you get yourself into before buying the game blindly.


Very fun game!

lordzed | Oct. 19, 2011 | Review of Assassins Creed II - PC

The controls can be a bit hard to get used to at first (if you haven't played much of AC1). For the most part, the movement is fluid, but a few times Ezio got stuck or made a weird decision to leap off the side of a building for no reason... Much better than what I glimpse from the 1 hour or so I've played of AC1, though the combat is still quite slow and focuses on counter-attacks. Campaign does look to be about 20 hours long, though if you do all the side missions and object hunts, it might push 35 hours. However, don't make my mistake and try looking for all the treasures BEFORE finishing the campaign, because that really make you tired :P Biggest complaint I have is that, for an assassin, Ezio is too strong in normal combat. Sure, he should be good, but there really is no incentive for staying in cover, except that it doesn't waste your time. I'd like to see battles that I know I will lose if I fight, but right now a 1v8 fight is actually a 1v1 fight 8 times.


Really fun strategy game

lordzed | Oct. 18, 2011 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V - PC

Really fun strategy game (turn based). If you need a singleplayer game that will keep you busy for as long as your brain remains inside your head, this is it. Singleplayer offers nearly limitless gameplay; you'll only quit after you realize your strategy is the same thing game after game. However, if you mix up your strategy it's like playing a whole new game! Or at least something like that. Eh, worst part of the game is its slow load screen (to the main menu even!), and all the paid DLCs.


Fun Game

lordzed | Sept. 22, 2011 | Review of Zombie Driver - PC

Kind of like Taxi Driver meets Left 4 Dead. You drive around completing objectives which usually entail picking up x number of survivors before they die and returning them to your base. There are secondary objectives that usually involve going to some other point and slaughtering masses of zombies. The whole game is played out in your car and you can add various weapons and upgrades to it. There also seems to be a pretty nice selection of vehicles. It's fun. It could use online multiplayer for the races and even for some of the other modes, but definitely worth the few bucks.


Very fun Game

lordzed | Sept. 21, 2011 | Review of Dead Island - PC

A very fun game; I enjoy skill progression and weapon customization in games; it reminds me sort of having an item system akin to that of Knights of the Old Republic (1 or 2). Anyway, very fun gameplay; easy to join co-op, but the characters are horrible. Their voice lines are fake sounding, the cut scenes with them in it are cheesy, their animations are horrible, and I can't relate to any of them. So hey, good gameplay, bad characters. I can see some replayability in this game as well (playing as a different character mainly, so that you get different skills and see different ways to play the game). It also has the zombies get tougher as you get stronger, which I support, or it'd be too easy. There's a fair number of side quests as well, and the ambience in many parts of the game is great (sort of filled with tension). At the moment, maybe a 20 hour game, if you do all the side quests.


Awsome Game

lordzed | Aug. 9, 2011 | Review of Alien Breed 3 Descent - PC

Players will come again in the role of Conrad, who this time is located on an ice planet where you have to determine the causes that led to damage to his ship. But this time, the hero will fight outside the ship, to defeat hordes of aliens will be available and some new weapons. In my conclusion this game is very cool and the grapics are stunning i realy recomand this game.



lordzed | Aug. 8, 2011 | Review of LEGO Harry Potter Years 14 - PC

Lego Harry-Potter is a cool family game for younger and older persons, the game has a good voice acting and has support multi-player mode that let you play in split screen thehnique up to 2 players .Lego Harry Potter's gameplay is similar to that of most previous Lego games. In the game are many changes then the movie ,So i strongly recomand to play this game before you whatch the movie.


Nice Game

lordzed | Aug. 8, 2011 | Review of Twin Sector - PC

I really liked this game because the graphics and gameplay style are beautifull.The telekinetic power of her gloves remainds me about the Gravity Gun from HL2 in other news this game make you solve puzzles like in portal, this game is using the advantages of the powerful HAVOC®-Engine and i strongly recommend this game for playing.


Cool Game

lordzed | Aug. 5, 2011 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

This game is an openworld game.Very cool graphics that run on Avalanche engine 2.0 . Paneau has variated terain from desert alpine to rainforest. The progres made in game is measured with Chaos which is earn by completing missions, destroying government property, collecting items for the factions and reaching 100% .Chaos unlocks new agency missions and stronghold takeovers . There is also a real-time deformation system and individual components can come loose from vehicles.The PC version only runs on DirectX 10 hardware and is thus incompatible with Windows XP.