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Excellent Rockstar Bundle

lowgee | Sept. 11, 2013 | Review of Bully Manhunt Pack - PC

Bully is a fantastic game, like the Beano's Bash Street Kids come to life. You go to class, do minigames, complete missions... a san andreas that is light on the hookers and bloody murder stuff. The characters are compelling and well written, and the actual gameplay is great - there are a few bugs and glitches hanging around, but from an open world game it's pretty solid. Aside from the completely broken Bike Workshop Lesson (you need to be doing the motions on the controller/keyboard before they even show up on screen) there is absolutely nothing frustrating about it- at times it almost seems a bit easy. Manhunt, on the other hand, has not aged quite as well. I ran up against some compatibility problems because of W7, and the actual control system is a bit clunky. Whilst Bully's graphics look somewhat aged, they're also cartoony enough to look past that. Manhunt just looks and feels like a ps2 game. Whilst that is no bad thing - it's a good PS2 game, if a bit repetitive towards the end, it's not something that will compel you to play it instead of the other 40 games in your steam library. This pack (when at 75% off) is great value, but it might be best to think of it as paying for bully and then getting Manhunt on top for free.