Reviews by lowsuperasder


The Best Battlefield

lowsuperasder | Dec. 20, 2014 | Review of Battlefield Bad Company 2 - PC

I've been playing Battlefield titles ever since the beginning - Battlefield 1942. Every installment brings something new to the table in multiplayer mode, but this was the first one on the PC to bring an awesome campaign mode too. As a content tourist, I had a very good time with it. The engine is optimized very well in this case (which is getting rare these days), and the graphics are decent too. The multiplayer mode is very good, even better if you have a friend or two to play together, that's when the action gets really tense. After an overall playtime of 30+ hours I still fire up this game from time to time, so it was worth the money for me.


3D Work of Art

lowsuperasder | Oct. 24, 2013 | Review of Dear Esther Steam - PC

I have always looked at Dear Esther as the 'physically' largest piece of art I've ever seen. This game is all about aesthetics. Every detail of the island is designed very carefully, and they provide a real aura of beautiful loneliness. Just as any work of art, this world also has a story to tell and a feeling to communicate. The feeling is being alone, and this brought to the player through many ways: empty structures in the beginning, shipwrecks by the sea, a wonderful scene of the beach with candles in the water and an amazing soundtrack: all these elements create a mesmerising journey through a life, like stepping into a painting and a novel together. We see some parts of the hero's life through the letters or diary entries he wrote to letters, which we hear as he remembers them at certain points of the game. This is experience was very different from any other I experienced on the PC. A work of art.


An old favorite

lowsuperasder | Oct. 24, 2013 | Review of Medal of Honor - PC

Medal of Honor is long going franchise, and sometimes I still miss the tension of the lonely running around of the first game, but this genre provides us many teammates and very little need to think on our own, but if we forget this part, this is a very decent title. The game is based on a very good storyline, with interesting characters and cool nicknames. It shows the player a very different understanding of war and the situations soldiers deal with. Our teammates don't wear masks, they aren't even the special forces. It's more like a bunch of cool guys fighting for what they believe in. Even if at some points the gameplay becomes a bit repetitive, shooting and shooting in the same manner, I never lost interest in finding a lost marine or getting to the landing zone. The graphical side of the game is good, indoor objects, weapons and characters look nice, but when driving around the terrain is more like a running scene in Tom & Jerry: the same part of background comes again and again. This changes in places where actual combat is taking place, the surroundings work well as cover, giving more combat opportunities. The real downside of this game is its multiplayer, I wouldn't honestly recommend this title for online fun, but it works very well as a singleplayer challenge in skill and emotions.


Nice shootin'

lowsuperasder | Oct. 24, 2013 | Review of Crysis 2 Maximum Edition EU - PC

This game focuses on two things: good looks and interesting combat situations. The nanosuit gives the player many tactical options from cunning to slaying, but is that enough? For trouble-seekers it quite indeed is, since the player can make some hell of a mass just in seconds after a long and careful plotting. Crytek's titles have always been cutting edge in graphics and so is Crysis 2. Since in first person shooting we see our weapons a lot, their design does matter a lot, and in this game that is done very-very well. Not too many guns to shoot, but the customisation makes the list interesting enough. Though, guns don't make the world come to life, but water and trees do, not to mention some flying bullets or even scared enemies. I missed only one thing in this well-crafted mayhem, and that is some better storytelling. We face tasks like go there, kill this, blow up that, but the realistic levels don't tell us much without the emotion tension. Crysis 2 is a shooter, in the very depth of the definition, and gives the player hours of tactical fun.


It never stops being fun!

lowsuperasder | Oct. 24, 2013 | Review of GRID Overflow 1 - PC

In this game I found the perfect balance between arcade and simulator driving: the physics are very realistic, the player can feel the car well (though the handling of each car doesn't vary much) and it is a good game to learn proper cornering, since even if we fail, the Flashback can take us back in time to a point from where we can go again, and slow down a bit more, and the many levels of difficulty allow a wide spectrum of possibilities and learining new moves. The graphical side is also nice, the terrain details and shadows look very good, not to mention the cars which look just amazing. The singleplayer career lets the player drive cool cars for other teams, meaning that even in the very beginning we can experiment with the best wheels available, making the first steps more fun. The only thing Racedriver Grid is missing is some cool soundtrack, in my opinion even if the game focuses on realistic events, it could give a more dynamic aura.