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Impressive atmosphere

lqdboard | Sept. 18, 2012 | Review of Borderlands 2 NA post - PC

If the size of the game's arsenal sounds impressive, you should get a load of its environment. To put it bluntly, Pandora feels even bigger and more varied than it did in the first Borderlands. Whether players are ploughing through icy tundra, driving across a desert, picking their way through a goop-filled cavern or blasting through a gang's blood-daubed hideout, Borderlands 2 feels consistently fresh. This is a world to lose yourself in – and thanks to the addictive quality of the game's loot-drops, it's likely many players will do just that. It's not just the size and scope of the place that is likely to seduce them, however, it's the fact that this time round, Pandora feels more like an actual place than a virtual battleground, thanks to Gearbox's attention to detail in this game.