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interesting but short

lucasart | Dec. 20, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead 400 Days - PC

The 400 days DLC is placed at the end of the first season of TWD and should act as a bridge for the upcoming second season. The characters and events presented are all quite interesting, thanks to the great narrative vein that Telltale has shown in recent years. The big problem with this DLC is its length, lasts as long as an episode of the series, a little more than 1 hour, and in this time has to condense more stories. As a result, it is difficult to become attached to the characters. Recommended, however, since it has to bind to the upcoming events.


Great Spy RPG

lucasart | Nov. 30, 2013 | Review of Alpha Protocol - PC

Alpha Protocol is a bipolar title. If measured on a strictly gameplay, you can not overlook the serious problems of balance in terms of character development (there are combinations that literally break the game in the later stages ), the stealth sessions and the AI ​​deficit are to be reviewed completely. However, assessed on the RPG side, the game is surprising for the vastness of the choices allowed, not only with regard to the growth of our pg and for the approach to missions, but it will also be possible to completely change the outcome of the events and characters, so that every game will never be the same as another. The dialogue system is as it should be in the last Bioware titles, especially if you wanted to bet on cinematograficity: there is a wheel, not the phrases severed but with the attitude to be taken, which obviously work differently depending dell'interlocutor, plus the ability to gather information to exploit. Everything is in time, a solution that, if at the beginning can be confusing, serves well to remain vigilant of the player and the pace of the narrative. Definitely recommended to all lovers of spy stories, as long as you close an eye on the technical side.


One of the best Horror game

lucasart | Nov. 25, 2013 | Review of Call of Cthulhu Dark Corners of the Earth - PC

Call of Cthulhu is a true rare gem: In addition to lead, with its innovations, a breath of fresh air in the genre, or rather in the genres, this is one of those unusual games can be paralyzed by fear of the player, even on the stylistic choice to take advantage of the first-person view with the total lack of a HUD. More than once you will be to look away from the screen and on many occasions the adrenaline will be so high as to having to pause the game for a few moments, just to recover from the strain. The highlight of Call of Cthulhu is definitely the setting in which the psychopathic protagonist must carry out their investigation. The harbor town of Innsmouth is, without doubt, the best implementation in a game of Lovecraftian background. A masterpiece of thrills, so well made and built to make us forget some small flaw completely graphical.


Very nice spin-off

lucasart | Nov. 25, 2013 | Review of Might and Magic Clash of Heroes - PC

The strongest supporters of Might & Magic series might turn up their noses at such a sudden change of gender, but on balance this Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is a spinoff to be cute and, surprisingly, a product of great value. More like a Puzzle Quest that to any of the titles in the franchise, this title presents a game system easy to govern but absolutely deep and fitted with numerous variables, with mechanics that take a while 'from RPG, a little' by strategic. Absolutely recommended to all lovers of the genre and not, shame about the story, that smacks of originality, combined with stereotypical characters and a clear linearity.


Surprising tacticac

lucasart | Nov. 22, 2013 | Review of Expeditions Conquistador - PC

The project was born thanks to the phenomenon kickstarter , Conquistadores Expedition is a solid tactical reminiscent of the old titles such as Heroes of Might & Magic , with a major focus on the RPG . Technically, the title is not great , the movement on the map of the game is awful, with the telecamenra too limited that does not adequately cover the ground , not to mention that often the trees and obstacles impeding the view too . Managing your party is very interesting, in the end there is nothing so complicated but the fact that each member has different traits makes the choice of one's actions is important . Choices that are made through a dialog screen , the screen that also controls the various random events that will happen , events that, especially in the early stages initials , tend to be too punitive . The phases of combat are definitely the most interesting part of the game, reminiscent of the setting of the new x -com but with more tactical opportunities , not to mention the importance of the initial placement of the troops to victory .


Good Combact, poor Strategy

lucasart | Nov. 21, 2013 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown Overflow - PC

Despite a technical realization certainly not perfect, the X-com Firaxis is a tactical and a fairly successful remake of the classic series. The part of the fighting is solid and fun, full of options and possibilities of approach. The challenge, especially towards the middle of the game is acceptable, shame about the mode iorn man is extremely tricky, especially for a rookie. Something else how strategic rather poor and schematic, not at all acceptable in a way that should also focus on this mechanism.


Beautiful but tough

lucasart | June 4, 2013 | Review of PID (1) - PC

Pid is a platform game with a very special atmosphere and a high care for the style of the levels. The strong point of the game is definitely the visual part, the environments are outlined in a pleasant way from the start, with scenarios in soft colors that attract attention and gratify the eye without showing smudges or particular unappealing. The game mechanics are very simple, Pid is essentially based on a beam of light that must be used to overcome the various obstacles present in levels, these beams to apply a series of particularities and exceptions all along the game: some enemies are immune to their effects, others will suffer and can be moved to other locations or completely eliminated. Unfortunately, this mechanism has been used to with too many repetitions of the same situations and movements in too narrow passages, where a slightest movement or miscalculation involving the "death" and return to the previous checkpoint. This, coupled with the fact that the movements of Kurt significantly limited (short jump and excessive inertia, running very slow), makes some of the most difficult passages than necessary. The difficulty is not gradual but fluctuates heavily from time to time without notice: in particular, some bosses are really too confusing, even though it uses only a few seconds to understand the method to defeat them. And one of the easiest boss of all is the final one, which should make it clear the bad balance the difficulty level. Although the game can be completed in a dozen hours, which for a platform are not few, most of which is passed to repeat several times the same steps. The frustration comes into play too soon, when we realize that the Pid is not difficult to understand what to do, but do it coming out victorious from the comparison with the amount of obstacles and with a system of movement that does not forgive the slightest mistake .


A great narrative production

lucasart | May 17, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead - PC

Adventure episodes that, despite an uninspiring gameplay and a series of puzzles easily forgettable, succeeds in getting the right amongst the best recent productions of the genre. Its success is mainly due to a script prepared and full of memorable moments, rich characters and a non-linear development due to the possibility of very large choice, a feature that is rarely addressed in the adventure genre. A little bit of disappointment surely there is, at the beginning we would have expected some crossroads more consistent, but we must recognize to Telltale to be able to give the same weight to our decisions and make us feel more responsible for what happens. The Walking Dead is a game that needs to be lived, the consequences of our decisions must be accepted and carried out even if you are not what we wanted, forgetting for a moment to be able to reload and change events. The important thing is to see the growth of the characters and the relationship that you create between them, that evolves and grows in a manner consistent with our actions. In this way, the experience is of the highest level.A great


A very successful mix of genres

lucasart | Jan. 24, 2013 | Review of The Cave - PC

The Cave begins with the idea of mixing platforming and adventure, managing to create a mix fun and enjoyable. The key feature of this game is the ability to use 3 of 7 characters available, each one featuring characters with different abilities that give you the opportunity to deal in a different way various puzzles which is rich in the game. This leads to unlock different paths, making The Cave very replayable. Unlike DeathSpank, a very successful mix of genres.


A great View

lucasart | Dec. 28, 2012 | Review of Robin Hood - PC

If your dream has always been to play the part of Robin Hood, you'll soon see how true thanks to this strategy very dynamic and original. It 's definitely can help both experienced this kind of games, both the bride and, thanks to a gameplay undoubtedly less demanding than similar titles, such as the now too often quoted Commandos. Despite some minor problems with sound and longevity, you will siuramente capture, with its graphics very well structured and its eye-catching style.


Nice plot, twisted puzzles

lucasart | Dec. 28, 2012 | Review of Post Mortem (1) - PC

Post Mortem is an adventure that ultimately deserves to be played. The atmosphere is, intrigue as well. There is a femme fatale who tells it not right, there is a medium with a lot of fluffy dog in her arms, there is a doctor with some wheel out of place, the inspector is a bit 'slow on the uptake, c 'is the bartender in the eye and along the cop-detective who risk losing your skin, there is a chicken in danger and his friend with hands-on, well ... there is something for everyone! The plot is not very original but it is exciting enough and much resembles those thrillers that on TV now no longer pass. In conclusion I would say that with a little 'extra effort, especially on the top puzzles, some rather twisted, you could have a small masterpiece in his hands, but beyond this Post Mortem is still an experience.


The First was better...

lucasart | Dec. 27, 2012 | Review of Dark Fall Lights Out - PC

Dark Fall 2 is the second game of the independent developer Jonathan Boakes, already 'author of the first Dark Fall. The story is inspired by the events of the novel "The Ballad of Flannan Island" by Wilfred Gibson, in which the three keepers of a lighthouse, mysteriously disappear without a trace. Compared to the first episode, DF2 has much improved graphics; a large, interesting set of areas full of loving attention to detail and historical research that only gets larger and more interesting as the game progresses. Shame that plot and storytelling may not work properly: the concluding, genre-twisting attempt to explain the mystery falls flat. Simply not as creepy or scary as the original.


Great adventure

lucasart | Dec. 27, 2012 | Review of The Book of Unwritten Tales Standard Edition - PC

In terms of writing The Book of Unwritten Tales is a breath of fresh air reminiscent of the best productions Lucas, dazzling with jokes and situations very funny. Also notable is the overall longevity of about twenty hours, which varies according to the player's ability to solve puzzles, of course, but that goes beyond many of the recent representatives of the genus. In short, the purists and romantics will be pleased. The only complaint might be with the complete lack of innovation, but at the end of the game structure is solid and works well.


Very great and Scary FPS

lucasart | Dec. 14, 2012 | Review of FEAR (1) - PC

The shooter from Monolith is a product of great respect, combining excellent mechanical fps with the atmosphere of horror films well orchestrated. The best part is definitely the AI ​​of the enemies, able to develop different strategies for attack depending on the levels and obstacles, offering a fair degree of challenge, merit of the excellent script system. Fear is a title well constructed in each component, only flaw longevity not just wide.


Nice old-style GDR

lucasart | Dec. 12, 2012 | Review of Avernum Escape From The Pit - PC

Avernum: Escape From the Pit is an RPG-style-traditional occidental, developed by Spiderweb Software. In the wake of the classics of good vintage, the player must control their own party of characters through the winding tunnels of Avernum, an underworld, or rather a veritable prison built under the earth's crust, where they are confined to the political enemies of the tyrant emperor Hawthorne. Overall this Avernum: Escape from the Pit proves to be a good old-fashioned RPG: excellent setting and exploratory component, excellent longevity, and narration over the top. If you are fans of this genre will not have problems to like it. For everyone else who would like to give it a chanche, remember that the price is a good buy, especially if you can look beyond the interface problems and pathfinding.


Nice H&S

lucasart | Dec. 12, 2012 | Review of Avencast Rise of the Mage - PC

Avencast follows the story of a young apprentice who once won the title of magician in the prestigious academy Avencast, will be forced to deal with the demons that invade the school. Although at first it may seem obvious, the plot is rather addictive and has many missions very original, detaching it from the traditional RPG-action. For example, you can find forced to pacify two trees whose branches are not battling it out, or you'll have to help a professor in an experiment helping to cool the storage tanks before they explode. Although "Avencast" is an action-RPG in many respects different from those that are the canons of this kind. For example, the game view, instead of being isometric, the hero follows directly from his shoulders, or if a player is more comfortable traditional view, can easily change it. But the beauty of "Avencast" are the fighters, where you can show off more than 50 spells available, which are executed by means of interesting combo. So, overall the game is very smooth and pleasant, and is able to give many hours of fun and relaxing.


Nice tattic, bad tecnic.

lucasart | Oct. 3, 2012 | Review of Age of Fear The Undead King - PC

Age of fear is a great strategic indie, the phases of combat are very varied and tactically well-built, especially concerning the characterization of the various manageable units. The level of difficulty is well balanced: easy to easy, quite difficult to normal, very difficult to expert. Too bad for a technical sector not up to the rest but a lover of this kind of games can easily get over it.



lucasart | Oct. 2, 2012 | Review of The Void - PC

The Void is a video game much deeper than average. A lot of complexity is enhanced by a philosophical background that drives the moves of the player and put them up in discussion, both in terms of game mechanics that the real plot, developing in an unexpected way. The guys from Ice-Pick Lodge, creators of the controversial and fascinating Pathologic can be no doubt counted among those few who try to push the videogame medium over the threshold of tech toy. The Void of course is not for everyone and requires, especially in the beginning, the will to deal with a product from the original gameplay that bases its appeal on the presentation more than action and asks the player to make choices often problematic for lead him to one of the thirteen different endings.


Fun for the Fan

lucasart | Oct. 2, 2012 | Review of Blood Bowl Legendary Edition - PC

Blood Bowl will delight the fans of the board game, which will be happy to mow opponents in the video game that quite faithfully respects the rules of the last edition of the game. For others it is a fun game of alternative sport, made with skill and professionalism, although the obvious limitations not technically make it an attractive product to the general public.


Nice Adventure

lucasart | Oct. 2, 2012 | Review of A New Beginning - PC

A New Beginning un'acquisto is recommended for fans of the Adventure genre. The sci-fi theme-environment is treated in a serious and interesting, which is used as a backdrop to tell stories and characters that accompany the player in the completion of a number of puzzles, designed for variety and challenge. Great artistic side, too bad for some high and low, and some smudging techniques.