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An Insane experience.

luimers18 | Nov. 28, 2012 | Review of Far Cry 3 - PC

Far cry 1 had great gameplay, far cry 2 had a great world, far cry 3 has both and throws in enough insanity and story to make the other two be dwarfed. The world is great and open, there is so much to do, and the story isn't sacrificed one bit by this. Vaas is one of the most concincing villains (He's up there with the Joker) and the atmosphere of it all is great. The one thing I must note is that for a tourist you are one hell of a gun nut, this being the only element of the game I do not agree with. You start of as rambo, instead of working towards it. But this is in no way a deal breaker. A must have.