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Borderlands 2 - and you will never know what real life was

lukino805 | Oct. 30, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Overflow 1 - PC

After I spent hudreds of hours playing this game, I got bored. Then they came out with hunting quests for real money, and everything gained a new level! When you launch the game, you will propably expect CL4P- TP smashing Nvidia logo, but it doesn´t happen. If you played first game, then you have at least big expectations. And you know what? It gives you even more! When you start a new game, you have to select 1 character you wish to play, there are 4 basic characters and 2 DLC characters. You start at glacier, surrounded only by snow, and one friendly robot, who is your first friend. Sudenly you see Siren. Uhm, I mean Angel. She guides you trough the basics controls and necessary things. I don´t want to spoil the story, so I´ll skip it. At the end of story missions, you can chose to play it once more, in Vault Hunter mode. This is where the real fun begins. all new enemies, better loot, and tons and tons of fun. the humour of Borderlands is no less then Epic, and you will enjoy it to the last joke. The game is balanced, when it comes to Co- op, it´s even more fun to play. The only thing is PVP. Sure, it´s important thing, it´s propably there just so some players can´t complain, but it´s not playable, because it´s usualy a 1- hit kill. Whatever, The other thing is Too many DLCs. Seriously, Why do we have to buy Level cap increase? Come on, it´s epic, everyone will buy it, but we want full game for our money, not basic game and then buy more and more stuff. However, I have to admit, those Story DLCs are at it´s finest. Stories are fun, gear is better, and you have another hundreds of hours of fun. So, to summ everything, the game is perfect, with the only problem of too many paid DLCs. If you have enough money, Go for it! (and say goodbye to your social life) :)