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More of the same goodiness from the first Dark Souls.

lunarsilkdragon | May 4, 2014 | Review of Dark Souls II not live

If you loved the first Dark Souls and Demon's Souls you will love this game. This is in many ways better that DaS. For example, the graphics are a lot better AND the game is better optimized. If you could run DaS, you can run DaS II, perhaps even with better settings (there are a lot more video settings this time around).

The animations also feels a lot more fluid, but more importantly, they are not as long as the were in the first game. It doesn't take 10 seconds to drink an estus flask.

Otherwise, it's not that different from the first game. Cool subtle story unfolding as you play, with lots of nice lore to pick up if you search hard enough; pretty good voice acting; beautiful enviroments; good, sparse soundtrack and a nice selection of weapons and armor to find.

A nice addition is that you can see how many times you have died with the character you're currently playing as.

My only 2 problems with the game is that the multiplayer still is a bit laggy, and the game overall doesn't seem quite as hard as the first, but it's not a huge difference.


Destruction is fun.

lunarsilkdragon | April 11, 2014 | Review of Renegade Ops

I really recommend this to people looking for a good co-op experience. It's fun driving around in a car with your buddy and just...wreck some stuff.

The game is seriously just about wrecking shit for points and trying to combo together to get more points. It sounds a bit simple on paper, but in reality it's actually quite fun. Especially with a bro as mentioned above.

There a lot of different levels where you get different objectives, as well as some bonus objectives, to complete. The levels look pretty much the same though, so some people might start to find it boring after a while.

The graphics are really nice. Explosions (which there are a LOT of in this game) look very nice.

I played this with a controller so I can't speak for people using a keyboard, but the car controls were a bit clunky and it was hard to steer your car in tight positions.

There is also an upgrade system for the different characters that you can play as, but it's not very innovative or exciting and could have used some more work, but it does it's job I guess.


Great driving game.

lunarsilkdragon | April 11, 2014 | Review of GRID

There isn't really that much to say about this game other than that it is one of the best driving experiences I've had in a videogame.

The feel of the cars, meaning the weight, the handling and speed, are perfect. The driving in itself is not overly arcadey and not too much simulator-like, but a perfect mix of both. You can also decide a lot for yourself how much of an arcadey feeling you want since there are numerous driving-assist settings.

The only thing I can complain about is that I would prefer if there was some sort of customization system for the cars. It would be fun to customize the look and performance of the cars, but I guess that's not the biggest thing that makes a racing game good.


Not for the faint of heart.

lunarsilkdragon | April 11, 2014 | Review of Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

This is the first FPS I have played that really captures the horror and tension of being in a warzone. I have never felt bad for mowing down countless enemies in other games, but when I come head-to-head with a german (or russian) down in a bunker, stab him in the throat with my bayonet and hear him desperately calling out for his mother while he chokes on his own blood - I actually feel bad. Kinda.

If that doesn't get to you, then maybe an epic last charge with your russian brothers towards the german lines in defense of your motherland - your friends getting ripped to pieces by machine-gun fire and mortars all around you - will.

If THAT doesn't get to you, then maybe a tense sniper duel with an enemy sniper in the ruins of Stalingrad hopefully ending with that satisfying sound of a bullet penetrating the enemy's helmet will.

It's somehow equally satisfying when you look out the window and the last thing you see is a distant muzzle flash before your screen turns black.

If none of these things are things you want in a game, you are not human and you should not play this game.